Contraception: Mishaps with Condoms

How to prevent mishaps while using a condom!

Let us look at the four biggest mistakes that you can make during your sexuell intercourse:

  1. Unrolling Problem: If you unroll the condom the wrong way, the protection won’t be perfect. A view tips! Gently open the wrapping. Place the unpacked condom with the hat on top in your palm. Place the hat between two fingers. The hat is important as it is the reservoir for you ejaculation. Check if the condom can freely role down, than place it on top of your hard penis. Once in place you can slowly role it all the way down. Check that it fits comfortable. Take a new on if it didn’t unroll properly.
  2. Condom got Stuck: After the ejaculation, hold the penis at the shaft where the condom finishes and slowly pull it out of the vagina together with the condom. If it is stuck, pull the lips carefully apart. Than pull the condom slowly out of the vagina with two fingers and without tearing it. If that fails your should go to the gynecologist to get the “morning after pill”.
  3. Condom Breaks: The only solution is to get the “morning after pill”. But what can you do to prevent this from happening in the first place? Make sure the vagina is wet before you insert your penis. If she is not moist enough, do not panic and use a lubrication gel. Don’t forget to leave a reservoir at the top of the condom when rolling it down your penis.
  4. Skin Irritation: If you still have skin irritation 5 hours after you used the condom, you should see your doctor. Most likely you will need to change the condom brand.

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