17 Tips for Dating a Strong, Independent Woman

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Strong women are not easy just like their male counterparts aren’t! A man who can handle a strong woman is himself equally strong on the inside. If you find her intimidating, the battle of winning over her is lost. How should you behave around women of grit? How do you love her the way she wants? What should you do differently to sweep her off the floor? Here are a few personal insights and tips on how to date and love a passionately strong and independent woman:

What separates an immature girl from a strong, independent woman?

A strong woman is a near rare find. Girls are everywhere. The following personality traits separate a strong independent woman from silly girls:

  1. She doesn’t feel the need to command respect. She earns it herself.
  2. She can handle her lifestyle without being a leech to anyone.
  3. She is much secure and knows what is hers will remain hers.
  4. She knows where to speak up and say a No.
  5. She won’t take favors from anyone unless she is in a position to return that back.
  6. She doesn’t wait for anyone to do her job.
  7. She is particular about what she wants and won’t settle for anything less.
  8. Her opinions are clear and she is rarely influenced once the decision is made.
  9. She has clarity of thoughts.

How to handle a woman with a strong personality?

Dating strong woman

So, you want to know how to attract a strong woman? Here is our list of the 17 best tips on dating a strong and independent woman:

  1. Support her: Just because she can swiftly get things done, she isn’t without self-doubt at times. She needs you to be there offering rock-solid support at all times. Accept it, being a strong woman doesn’t come without sacrifices and criticisms. She has to deal with a cruel world and swim through difficulties. All she expects from you is your undying support. So what does she really want from a man?
  2. Be adaptable around her: Learn to let go of your way all the time. If there is something that she wishes to do or you are in a situation that may not be very comfortable for you, learn to put your whims and fancies in the background. Being fluid in different setups makes you a more likable person anyway. Naggers are serious mood killers. Stay adventurous, it adds a zing that strong women like in men.
  3. Have a personality: Work on your outward appearance and intellect. A man of fewer and logical words is very attractive to independent women. A reserved and confident persona exudes wisdom. Have your manners in place and treat her well. Upgrade yourself with the changes of time. Read and reflect. You will gather more knowledge and become passionate about what sparks your interest.
  4. Respect her space: She may not like being around you all the time. Let her be on her own. It is important for her to practice self-love in the way she deems best.
  5. Be kind and sensitive: Choose to be compassionate every day. Touch her lovingly. There are times when women like being touched in non- sexual ways. Hug her. Show her that you care, that her wellbeing matters to you.
  6. Discuss and split your material responsibilities: When you go out, take charge. If she wishes to take care of certain things on a particular day, let her. It just makes women happy when they contribute and act equal and not just be hypocritical about equality.
  7. Keep her in the loop when making major decisions: Communication opens doors of possibilities. Let her know if you are making a big move in your life. She will appreciate the fact that you choose to include her in your decisions.
  8. Be loyal: If you are in the habit of philandering, it’s best to not have a strong woman in your life. She has seen enough. Her strength comes from her ability to let go as well. You won’t be able to get away with your cheating habits. Making the mistake of taking her for granted will lead you nowhere.
  9. Let her take charge: She has all the capacities to deal with a situation clinically. Trust her abilities. Let her wisdom drive things.
  10. Be comfortable with her stealing the limelight: She will have an aura that most want to bask in because there is so much to learn and catch up with. If she enjoys the center stage, let her assume all the importance. She earns it naturally.
  11. Respect her and her needs: Material or spiritual, if she tells you she needs something, let her do what she wants. She is not used to being commanded. Whatever she wants, let her accomplish. If you stop her, she won’t hesitate to let you go.
  12. Help her when she asks for it: Be there when she needs. It is not every day that she will ask for it.
  13. When you differ, discuss: It is okay to have different opinions. Discuss and find a solution rather than playing the blame game. Take her advice when need be. Understand that she is capable of giving you solutions or advice if she is aware of the domain. There is no shame in letting her be your guide.
  14. Be a good listener: Listen. She knows things the hard way. Being a good listener will make her feel that her words aren’t falling in deaf ears. Show your attentiveness and most importantly, act in the best interest.
  15. Accept her with her flaws: She too has her insecurities about her image. Affirm her that you choose her no matter what.
  16. Be passionate about her: Everyone enjoys being seduced. Everyone enjoys good sex. So is the case with a strong and fiercely independent woman. In fact, she might be demanding in bed. Give her a good time.
  17. Have a purpose: A man with no aspirations is a turnoff. An average one will never be able to catch her attention. Even if you are well off, have something concrete that defines what you believe in.

These tips and advice should be enough to help you deal with a strong and independent woman the right way. Have you dated a strong woman? How was the experience? Share your stories with us!


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