Why Is Everyone Easily Offended These Days? Know Why!

Why Is Everyone Easily Offended These Days? Know Why!

Off lately people get easily offended, even on things which are not that offensive. More and more people are fitting in this category. A few years ago people would not be as offended by the silliest things as people do now. There can be more than one reason as to why people get so offended for trivial things like the clothes you wear or the names you call etc. It can be extremely difficult to deal with such people but if you understand why people behave so then maybe you can deal with it.

Is Being Offended A Bad Thing?

Nope, it is not a bad thing. People grow in different backgrounds and have different upbringings and depending on that there are a lot of things that can affect an individual which might not be the same for others. Sometimes people have no idea that what they are speaking or the way they are speaking can easily offend the other person. There is a lot of room for education when this happens. You can assess it clearly as to why a person is taking offense on something which is not offensive.

Know Why People Are Easily Offended

What might have possibly changed in the society that everyone seems to be throwing a fit at smallest things?

It would be a moot point to argue about why people are offended these days more than before. We can say that now people have more platforms to express their opinions, yes, we are talking about social media. People speak out their mind on social media, regardless of whether it is opposing opinion or throwing insults at anyone or claiming to be emotionally traumatized.

There are few traits that people have developed which have caused them to be offensive about the slightest things and sometimes over the things that are not relevant to them personally. Some of these traits are:

People Are Too Sensitive

Why Is Everyone Easily Offended These Days? Know Why!

I swear this is not an exaggeration, but you have to agree that people these days have become really sensitive. Sensitive in general or sensitive by nature or sensitive due to their past and experience whatever the reason is, people are sensitive on the whole.

Sometimes a comment may not even be directed at them but they take offense on it. It’s just that they take the things or comments or personal opinions to heart even when they are not even meant to be personally directed towards you. When this happens, the other person gets confused because they know they didn’t mean to offend the person in any way.

A Sense Of Entitlement

A sense of entitlement is when people feel that the world owes them something even though they have done nothing to deserve it. It might seem silly. But in reality, people nowadays do behave as if they are entitled or they deserve the things even when they haven’t put the work to deserve it.

They forget that the world doesn’t owe anyone anything until they have done something to make the world a better place. There are billions of people living in this world and you are not entitled to anything more than they are. But this is not understood by everyone and when someone says something that they disagree, it makes them angry and they take an offense and lash out.

Close Mindedness

People have an opinion about everything and they tend to stick to it instead of understanding it. That is why they are close minded. People do not want to have a new perspective. They are just not willing to change their perspective towards the world; they do not want to look at things differently. In today’s world, there are a lot of things, a lot of information that is coming out which becomes a controversy and people take offense on it instead of being open minded.

People Are Ignorant

Why Is Everyone Easily Offended These Days? Know Why!

Another reason why people take offense is that they are ignorant about things in general. They are ignorant about the facts and what’s even great is that they do not want to learn the facts. They want to be in their own bubble and not look at things from another point of view and hence that being the reason why they get offended so easily.

They Are Unhappy With Their Lives

Humans have this tendency of comparing everything they have with someone else. They do not want to look at how far they have come in their life but they want to compare everything with those who have achieved more than what they have. This leads to envy and jealousy. Jealousy is a green eyed monster that makes you unhappy.

By the grace of social media, everything that is going in any person’s life it is posted on social media. Instead of seeing them as a mere post or taking inspiration from the person to grow in life people get jealous, they get offended and they lash it out by taking offense.

Some People Like The Attention

Maybe this should really be the first point in this list. The thing is people want to be the center of attention, so when you pass some comment or do something they take offense on it although the thing was not even remotely meant to be offensive. It is not that they are offended or upset. They just do it to grab attention, to make people listen to them, that’s it, nothing else.


People who get offended easily are the ones who are insecure about it mostly. They do not have the courage to do the same that you do and they can’t handle it so they spit it out by taking offense on it. It just takes their attention away from their own insecurity and makes them feel better.

Ways To Deal With People Who Are Easily Offended

You’ll meet this kind of people everywhere so it is better if you learn to deal with them. Because I know, you might already be sick of people getting offended by everything. Here’s how you can deal with such people

Avoid Commenting On Controversies

Why Is Everyone Easily Offended These Days? Know Why!

I m not saying that you are not entitled to have an opinion, but be aware of the fact that when you are going to express your opinion, not everyone is going to be on the same line with you. Just like you, people have their own opinions. So when you broadcast your opinion on social media or group events be ready to face the comments and the opinions that are going to come along.

Avoid Arguing With Them

Arguing with some people is just pointless. When you know that the person is easily offended and will not let you win. Then you should just let it be even though you are right. They don’t want to know what is right and what is wrong and they just want to win.

Ignore Them

It’s really hard to deal with an individual when he/she is ignorant about the facts and still gets offended. You want to shake the person badly and educate them about everything but no matter how tempting it is, just ignore them. Because whatever you say is not going to be considered and it just going to end up in an argument.

Dealing with such people is a huge pain in the ass, I know. But you have to go through them daily so just learn to deal with them. Understand what they are and ignore them.


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