First time with a new partner should not hurt!

The penis just doesn’t slide by itself into the vagina. You need to take it slow and be careful of not hurting your partner. Let’s take a look how you can achieve this:

Two thirds of all teenagers are totally nervous before their first time and one third is even scared and embarrassed before the first act. But this is not a phenomenon that happens exclusively with teenagers, no even in later stages of live you become nervous when you have a new sexual partner. One of the main reasons behind these feelings is the fear of having a bad experience and being able to put the penis into the vagina. But who is actually responsible for these feelings? The boy or the girl or both? How exactly does that work? And what if that does not work or hurt properly?

Many couples have problems during their first sex. Just introducing the stiff member does not seem so easy in the beginning. Some boys and girls report that the penis can be inserted only a few inches into the vagina. Now sufferers ask the question: Is my penis too big? Is the vagina too tight? How to properly insert the penis into the vagina?

Let us looks at how it works!

If it hurts when inserting the penis and the sliding process is hard it is probably because the vaginal musculature of the girl is tense. Maybe she was a bit nervous, thinking of something else, or you were was just going too fast … Certainly not the size of the penis – and certainly not her vagina. Talk about your experience and think about what might have been. Maybe next time, you’ll leave her time, she feels best when she’s ready. The better you know each other sexually, the easier it will be to work together. Further it is important to let the vagina become wet, which is also an indicator for being relaxed. So take you time, especially with your foreplay and than everything else will happen naturally.


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