How to get rid of Dandruff!

Your scalp is prone for dryness and dandruff? Here’s how you can get rid of dandruff and your skin into perfect health.

The most important rule in terms of dandruff is: Be aware that dandruff has nothing to do with messiness or lack of hygiene. Dandruff are not disgusting, but are a vital part of your skin growth. Our body is constantly renewing itself, old cells migrate up the skin layers and cornify. Usually we don’t notice the process, but when something is in imbalance dandruff will appear

What kind of dandruff do you have?
Are your scales fine and do they settle on the clothes? This is an indication for a dry scalp. Greasy scales are larger and stick properly to the hair. They are usually due to an overfunction of the sebaceous glands, which may have several causes.

Here’s what you can do about your dandruff:

Tip 1: Do not over-style

Anyone who resorts too often to the hair dryer and styling products to make dandruff as invisible as possible unfortunately achieves exactly the opposite: too much styling can put a lot of strain on the hair and promote dandruff. Often the dandruff is even the result of months or even years of mistreatment of the hair and scalp and a misjudgment of what your hair needs.

Tip 2: Basic home articles against dandruff:

A conditioner made of yoghurt or cottage cheese helps to bring the scalp back into balance. Oil cures have proven themselves effective against dandruff.

Tip 3: Anti-dandruff shampoos

Anti-dandruff shampoos are now offered not only by special providers, but actually by almost all well-known manufacturers. Often they help with immediate effect and make the hair look better again quickly. Those who have dry dandruff should resort to an anti-dandruff shampoo that moisturizes at the same time.

Tip 4: Breathe deeply and lower the stress level

Would you have thought that? Stress, dissatisfaction and a bad mood can promote dandruff and thus are the beginning of a vicious cycle.

Only one thing helps: Relax and more Me-Time as a mandatory program.

Tip 5: Change care products

The plan is as follows: Use only mild, pH-neutral shampoos, do not wash hair too hot, ban styling products, at least for some time, banish hair and not too much care. Also a healthy diet and a lot of exercise in the fresh air can bring the scalp and hair back into balance and make dandruff disappear.


If nothing helps, go see your Doctor.


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