What to do when a girl blocked you on Facebook?

blocked on facebook

You guys shared a great connect for sometime and suddenly she has vanished by blocking you on Facebook? You think she blocked you for no apparent reason and that is taking away your night’s sleep? You want to know the answers but apparently, there is no avenue to get the perfect reason for her behaviour? To you, there was nothing wrong in your actions and this came as a blow. You can handle this better with our tips and advice. Let’s take you stepwise into why a woman must have blocked you out of the blue and what should you do to mend things fast.

7 Reasons why she blocked you on Facebook

Let’s face the reality here: Everything on Facebook is virtual. TBH, it is difficult to form a stronger and lasting connect over virtual platforms. People don’t owe you a reason to disconnect. Without an answer to why you got blocked, it feels like being ghosted. If we go by the understanding that you guys only texted over Facebook and didn’t even hear each other’s voice or meet, chances are the profile wasn’t even real.

We give you here an exhaustive list of what could have gone wrong. Figure out and work on how you could reverse things or just let it be.

She feels threatened: In the present era where people like to put their whole life on social platforms, personal safety goes for a toss. Some of us like to share our experiences with our close ones only while there are those who don’t mind being under the scanner of anyone and everyone. Something about is extremely discomforting to her and she wishes to keep her profile private.

You wrote a negative comment: There was a happy picture of hers and you mistakenly addressed her in an extremely casual fashion that was beyond what she had expected. Even though you guys were good friends, she still feels it hurt her dignity when you chose to simply write whatever that came to your mind. You were insensitive to her in this case.

You oppose her views: She might be a very vocal person on Facebook. She uses it to present some of her radical thoughts, political or personal that you do not approve of. Every time she posts an opinion or image that does not sync with what you believe in, you shame her or invalidate her stance. Now, she has a low level of tolerance for this and hence, thought it best to clock you on her Facebook profile.

You tag random people including her on irrelevant posts: Not everything that you share is relevant to her. Finding random notifications very often on stupid tags makes no sense to her. She has asked you a couple of times to spare her the horror of tagging but you refused to oblige.

You show off your luxurious lifestyle: To some people, it is annoying to know where you had your meals and what you bought for yourself or how much you spend on your luxurious lifestyle. You have it so you flaunt it, but understand that majority of us don’t have the privileges and it triggers negative emotions about the lack of it in our lives. That is demotivating to many. Reflects the lack of your humbleness. She is the least interested. And hence, she wishes to dissociate with anyone like that. Understand that her value systems are different than yours.

You have wronged her or someone she knows: It is just plain disgust being reflected in the form of boycotting your profile on Facebook. You have done something bad to someone she knows personally or to her. You sent nudes or asked for it. You posted a private picture that you have no rights over. It hurt her. She doesn’t wish to confront you and it is bliss to just ignore you right away.

You guys are not compatible: While the connection was limited online things worked out pretty well. After the meet, it didn’t end up as she expected. There were compatibility issues which she now finds uncomfortable speaking about.

What should you do to make her unblock you on Facebook?

she blocked facebook

Don’t attack her outrightly

Often in a fit of rage, we tend to write indirect posts shaming the other person. Maintain your class and keep things to yourself. Your problems should be private and not spilled over social media to garner sympathy. This will no go down well with other women who know you. There will be a lingering threat in their mind about you belittling anyone who doesn’t conform. It will be stupid on your part to waste other chances for just one woman.

Reflect on where you went wrong

What kind of relationship did you share? Was it formal? Did she allow you space to just be anyone around her? Any sensible woman wouldn’t block you unless there is something you have done which violated her privacy. Did you text her too much? Were you acting too stupid? It’s much easier to block people than to have a difficult conversation and face the situation at hand. So, reflect and understand if your behaviour was uncalled for.

Genuinely apologise

There is no shame in owning up to your mistakes and apologising where the need is. This is no guarantee of her unblocking you on Facebook but at least you will feel a little better about the whole situation. Though stalking her on another platform might annoy her, but what have you to lose anyway? At least a heartfelt apology is the last shot you could risk.

Just leave it alone

Don’t go out of your way to try and connect with her on other platforms repeatedly. Maybe just once is alright if you really wish to. If she chose to disconnect with you on Facebook, she isn’t stupid to accept your requests on Instagram, Snapchat or wherever. This will just make you look desperate and women don’t like men who come across as losers and creeps. You will only make things worse for yourself.

You don’t need to be likable to all

Make this a golden reality of your life. Just because a girl didn’t keep you in her friends’ list, you don’t lose your value. Cultivate a sense of self-confidence beyond how or to what extent any girl validates you. There are too many fishes in the sea if you are willing to see outside your bubble. So, let her be. If she unblocks you on Facebook, well and good. If she doesn’t, you still have a lot more to take care of in your life. Don’t you?

There is more value in impressing and attracting a woman in the real world than social media. You should realise that most of what is fed to you there is a blatant lie. So, go out and meet people than depend on Facebook or any other social media platform to be admired and acceptable to a woman. Let us know what you did if you had a similar experience.


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