What to do when a girl blocks you on WhatsApp?



You guys were talking and then without any notice, she just blocked you on Whatsapp? You are left stranded and cannot figure out what went wrong? Trying to get her back but don’t know how to go about it? I know it hurts a little because it just feels like a terrible insult. Swallow that pride if you wish to resume the connect. Things happen and it is beyond your control if you haven’t really done anything wrong. Think about what you are willing to do to make her unblock you.

Just don’t be angry right away and tell her she is wrong at this very moment. Things will simply get further complicated in haste. It is a test of your patience and give it a while, you’ll figure out constructive ways to deal with it. We will give you the right advice for you to figure out where you might have accidentally acted rash and how to repair it. Here are the tips and tricks to get her talking to you again on Whatsapp.

What does it mean when a girl blocks you?

What’s the hidden agenda behind blocking you on Whatsapp? Here are a few reasons, why she may have done so in her best interest:

She is not interested in you

When a girl blocks you on Whatsapp, it clearly hints at her lack of interest in you. She gave you her number but there was nothing more to it. You didn’t spark interest from her for whatever reason. There are other things she wishes to invest her time on and you aren’t really important enough. In this case, it’s okay because you shouldn’t really bug her for she wasn’t leading you on anyway.

You did something stupid

She is not the type who will confront and clarify. You acted irresponsibly. You must have told her something that made her uncomfortable and she doesn’t like keeping company with men like that. If you asked her for nudes, sent her pornography, pictures of your private parts and of women you sleep around with; no wonder the reason for her blocking on you over Whatsapp is clear and valid.

You are too different

She may simply have noticed that you two are too different from each other. The way you talk or present yourself may not correspond to her style. She spoke to you and realized it was not a fit. Or she lost interest during the conversation and doesn’t wish to work on it any further.

She was interested in someone else

Maybe you were her type and she had fun talking to you on WhatsApp but she connected again with an ex-boyfriend or a guy she was after. That’s really bad luck but that may happen. In that case, just leave it. Insisting would only have the opposite effect.

You were too clingy

She needs her space and you weren’t respectful of it. You bombarded her phone with random messages far too often than she didn’t anticipate. You were desperately seeking her attention and for reasons best known to her, she didn’t want to entertain you.

You were trying to control her

Everyone loves their freedom. You wanted to know her whereabouts. You tried controlling who she talks to or where she goes. You came across as someone who wants being informed about everything. While it works for you, it clearly didn’t for her beyond a point. She tried that to an extent to please you for some time. In the long run, she cannot really make her own decisions without asking you if you guys are together. She learned her lesson and doesn’t think she can survive around someone so nosey.

She doesn’t trust you

She found the loopholes in your conversations. You might have been too flamboyant and it isn’t comfortable for her to be listening to your stories about other women and what you have done with them. Clearly, she wanted to be treated exclusively and you failed to make her feel special.

You got her angry

Does this girl like you or you have expressed feelings for each other already? If that’s the case, she might just be trying to express her anger and it’s temporary. Just go meet her and make sure you land up with some chocolates, flowers and be apologetic if you have hurt her. You do not need to depend on technology to solve all your real-life crises.

How to win her back if she has blocked you?


Accept your mistake

Be the man here who accepts when he goes wrong. That shows your humility. The first step is to acknowledge what you have done and that it hurt her. It won’t serve any purpose if you get into an argument and irritate her further. It doesn’t always have to make sense to you as to what hurts other people because that comes from their level of perception. She is upset and she needs you to make the efforts for her.

Call her

Give her a call and assure her you wouldn’t do what you did again. Even if she appears rude, take it till a point that you can. You shouldn’t give away your self-respect for anyone and this woman shouldn’t be an exception no matter what. Explain your part and then leave it for her to decide if she would still like to carry the conversation further.

Give it some time

There is no point desperately trying to reach her on different platforms. That might just irk her more. A woman who likes you won’t be angry for long. Let the anger settle down and try getting back over a meet or a call. It is wise to not show up at her door on a fine day without notice.

Write her a hand note

There something very charming about handwritten letters which still works wonders. And, trust me I haven’t known a woman who doesn’t crib about men not writing at all. You may be just a door away but if you pen down your thoughts, it will carry more meaning.  It also shows your effort and how much you care. PS: This will work if you once had a special connect and hence, know her address.

Find a mediator

If you have common and trusted friends, seek help. They might be able to explain your situation and clear the air of misunderstanding.

Let it be and move on

This is the last option for you. Having said and done everything, if she won’t budge, so be it. See, it’s her life after all. It is best to let people choose whom they decide to stay connected with. You will never get all your answers everywhere. If she is the kinds who like to talk it out, the problem could have been solved. But if she hasn’t gotten back to you in a week or so, it’s a lost battle already. The more you try and intrude, the harsher the outcome might be. Just leave her alone and try to concentrate on the other things in your life.

The whole point is, if a woman really likes you, she may be upset for some time and even though you are blocked on Whatsapp, she will get back. If she doesn’t value you at all, do whatever you can, she isn’t coming back. Make peace with it.


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