Help improve your mental performance!

Doing sports will improve your mental performance:

If you don’t give your body enough exercise your muscle mass will automatically decrease. Further the brain will be affected, because your heart rate is slow, as your body lacks movement. As an immediate result the brain will be supplied with less blood and therefore with less oxygen. Get moving to increase your mental performance.

Improve mental performance through tranquility:

All confounding factors that cause a distraction should be turned off. This means that you can concentrate better if there is no radio or TV turned on while you are working.

Watch your nutrition:

A good breakfast should start the day. The brain needs fuel to function properly. Generally, one should have a balanced diet. Breakfast is the important meal of the day and should consist of whole-grain foods. These provide trace elements, which contain a high-quality brain energy that will improve your brain performance.

Need to drink:

You should never forget to drink during the day. Not every liquid has the same value. The most important substance for your body is water. It should be your first choice when you want to kill your thirst. Sweet drinks can be nice, but can harm your teeth and health in general. In general one should drink about 2 liters a day.

Be positive:

Anyone who tackles his daily tasks with a positive attitude will be guaranteed a greater chance to succeed. Try to set realistic goals and celebrate small achievements every day. By doing so, you develop a more positive attitude and everything else will seem less difficult.

Enough sleep:

The right amount sleep will also improve your brain performance. Experts recommend that you should get about 7-8 hours sleep per night. But not only the quantity counts, also the sleep quality plays an important role in your recovery.


Try to picture your daily tasks. See yourself tackling those objectives and accomplishing them. The more you do this, the less likely it will be to forget about one of your tasks.

Be creative:

Anyone who deals with creative activities in their free time will find the right thoughts in everyday life. It is extremely important to pursue a compensatory activity, in addition to normal work.

To plan:

Anyone who structures and organizes himself and his everyday life will certainly be able to perform better in terms of thinking. The better you organize your everyday life, the less you have to strain the capacity of your brain with unnecessary information. Try to make your everyday life as routine as possible!


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