Horrifying and hilarious tinder date stories!


We have all used Tinder at some point in our daily lives. We have all been that helpless and lonely at one point.


For those who have not heard of it or used it – it is an online dating application that allows people to discover men or women or both (whichever they prefer) and go out on dates with them. If you like a person and want to start a conversation with him/her, you swipe right and wait to see if you two are a match, i.e., if the other person has liked and swiped right to you as well. After which, you can talk, go out on dates and hook-up. If you don’t like the person and are not interested in him, you can simply swipe left/un-match yourself.


Womennow group decided to interview a couple of people who have used this application and gone out on dates with the people they liked. Some of their stories – of hilarious and horrifying dates – have been narrated below. Enjoy reading!


The names and details regarding the interviewee’s have been withheld as per their request.


“ I took a girl I found on Tinder out on a date. We were just entering the restaurant when the girl said, “Oh shit! I forgot my purse in your car!” So I gave her the keys to go fetch her purse while I got ourselves a table for two. I got the table, placed the order for drinks and waited. 15 minutes and still no sign of her. So I go back to the parking lot to see my car has disappeared, call her number several times only to find out she has blocked my number, and finally, checked Tinder to see she has also unmatched me. Thanks, Tinder! ”


“ On a lazy sunday afternoon, bored as hell, I decided to download Tinder and start swiping to see if I can find any man decent enough to go out with. After a dozen swipes, I had finally found a gorgeous man with the perfect physique and the cutest face. So we got to talking and decided to meet up the next day. We went on a long drive, listening to music, talking about our interests when he suddenly stopped the car, turned to meet my gaze and closed his eyes to kiss me. It was so sudden and out of the blue that – as a reflex movement – I pushed his face back to his seat. He then said, “It’s okay. Nobody’s here. We can have sex inside my car. Unless you don’t want me but I know you do. Why don’t you take my winnie out and see for yourself?” So I made up some excuse, said I received a text saying it’s an emergency and left promising to meet up the next day. Since then, he’s spammed me with his nudes, dick-pics and text messages till I finally blocked him the other day. ”


“ So I met this really cute guy on Tinder, we got to talking and found out how similar our interests are. We liked the same kind of music and had a similar approach towards life. It was a week before Valentine’s day, and as a funny gesture, we both decided to meet for the first time on the 14th of February. So we met at a bar, drank almost a litre of scotch together and were both quite drunk. When suddenly he broke into tears saying how he loves his ex girlfriend, how she is the best thing that will ever happen to him and how he can’t be with me because he will never move on. I took a cab back home. I couldn’t believe that my date literally cried to get rid of me. ”


“ I was going out with this guy I met on Tinder for about a month. I knew he socialised a lot, met up with a lot of girls apart from me, but I never made much of it because we were casually dating. On a few of our dates, I would ask a female friend to join from time to time. He never showed much interest towards her. But on the third day she was out with us, we got pretty drunk and I had to leave for a family dinner so she left with him for he said he would drop her home. Instead of dropping her home, he took her out on a drive, drank more beer and whisky with her, and made out with her in his car after which he dropped her and met three other girls. A round of applause to my hilarious choice of men. ”


“ I am a boy and just like all you people, I swiped and swiped till I found a girl hot enough to go out with. So I called her over to my place, she came dressed in the tiniest pair of shorts and a camisole top revealing her wonderful cleavage. I asked her if she wanted food, she said yes, so I ordered food and gave her a beer from my fridge. After a few minutes, she got a call that lasted for about a year. After she was done speaking to whoever, outside in my living room, she suddenly comes inside, sits beside me and starts crying. I asked her what happened and she said, “Can you give me some money? I’m new in this town and I don’t have a job. Please give me some money, I will pay you back soon! I will have to kill myself if you don’t give me money.” And at the point, I wish I had killed myself before downloading Tinder. ”


“ I had met up with a boy I met on Tinder. We went on three dates, on one occasion he had picked me up from home and the other two times from college – so he knew the locations of both. He seemed nice till he started sending me weird gifts to college. Every day, a new delivery man would appear holding a parcel and a cheesy note along with it. These parcels consisted of dildos, panties, a bouquet of flowers and cucumbers, respectively. He randomly appears at my doorstep to say “hi” and “want to hang out, I think I’m in love with you,” from time to time. Good job, Tinder. ”


Tell us about the funny and horrific Tinder dates you experienced! Share your story and get it posted anonymously! Hope you enjoyed reading this post.



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