How do I masturbate?

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Masturbating is a totally natural process. The urge for an ejaculation comes from a natural desire for stimulation. Even though we have had spells in our history, where masturbation was considered to be a sin, we have to understand that mother nature has installed these needs within us for a purpose. The purpose is reproduction. To acknowledge the needs and to take care of them is an important step in maturing.

Therefore, we need to determine that masturbation is a normal process and that it has positive side effects for your health.

What are those benefits?

  1. It helps to prevent prostate cancer.
  2. It helps you, to last longer.
  3. It helps you, to have a harder penis during sexual intercourse.
  4. It prevents you, from getting blue balls.
  5. It helps you, to relieve stress.
  6. It makes you, to be more comfortable with yourself. You will learn to understand your need.

How do I masturbate?

Take your penis between your fingers or hand and rub it slowly. You may want to use some lubriction but that is usually not necessary. Your penis will become stiff. Rub it slowly so you don’t scratch your skin. You can also change the fingers or hands to keep it more interesting. It is also possible to accelerate the masturbating process by rubbing faster.

You will feel your orgasm building up. Continue to rub your penis until you ejaculate. Ideally you ejaculate in a piece of tissue or toilet paper so you don’t make to much of a mess.

Afterwards you should wash the penis with warm water so there won’t be any cum left, which will become smelly if not cleaned away. Further you should pee afterwards to wash everything out.

How do I masturbate with a condom?

Basically it is the same process, as masturbating without a condom. Take the condom, open it, and hold the reservoir (top of the condom) between the tip of your fingers so that no air can get in. Then place it on your penis and use the other hand to roll it down along your penis shaft. Once it is down and properly in place you can let the reservoir go. Now do as you would, when masturbating without a condom, use your fingers or hands and rub your penis smoothly. You could use lubrication but there is no need for it.

Ejaculate into the condom. Once you had your orgasm make sure that you depose the condom properly in the trash – this is not something you throw into the toilet, as it can block it. Used condoms need to be thrown in the bin.

How do I masturbate with toys?

There are people that use toys to masturbate. However we strongly advise not to use any toys, as accidents can occur. This might not only be a very awkward situation if your family finds out but also it might be dangerous to play with toys as on a regular base people get injured.

In general it is important to know: Whenever you engage with someone else in a sexual relationship you need to be respectful. Every person has the right to his or her own sexuality and can decide whether he or she wants to engage in a sexual activity.


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