How to Kiss!

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You want to enchant her with your kisses? Here are 7 tips to become a kiss expert. Because kissing really needs to be learned!

What makes a bad kisser? Passion-less, mechanical movements and, above all, a lack of feeling. Because only with feeling and dedication are kisses unforgettable and let her melt away.

Of course, the kissing technique is not insignificant, if the moment is fantastically beautiful. You think you can handle some tuition in terms of “real kissing”? Then you are exactly right here! We’ll tell you the 7 best tips for perfect kisses!


1. The preparation

In soft silky lips you can lose yourself. If the mouth is scratchy and brittle it’s over quickly with the romantic mood. Extensive lip care is therefore a must for every killer. This includes a regular lip peeling and a rich lip care, which is best applied just before the kiss. This makes the lips silky soft and irresistible.

2. The approach

Do not just kiss away, but bring her in the mood for the kiss. Look deep into her eyes. She should understand quite quickly what you want from her. And anticipation is known to be the most beautiful part of kissing. In this case: the most sensual.

3. Not too wet

If you have to much spit in your mouth, try to swallow your spit before you go for the kiss. To much spit at the beginning can be a turn off for her.

4. Prelude

Who rams his tongue into her mouth, will not be met with to much love and enthusiasm. Better to start slow. Kissing is the most beautiful thing in the world and anyone who does not take the time does not deserve a good kiss. So start slowly and of course the first kiss without tongue. Just with some slightly open lips. Then grope slowly with your tongue. That can be extremely exciting. For both of you love birds!!!

5. Physical effort

Proper kissing also means that not only the mouth is in use. Otherwise it would be a bit boring. Rather, the whole body is involved. The entire body that gently or passionately presses against the other. So give it all: Exercising your body definitely makes a good kisser even better!

6. Breathing, gasping, sighing

Kissing does not have to be quiet and you do not have to try to suppress your breath.

7. The Art of taking a pause

So that the loved one sometimes gets a little air again, every now and then lodge breaks. It does not have to be boring, it makes the whole kissing even better. Discover the slowness. Loosen your lips and pause for a moment in the other’s lips. Feel how she breathes. Vary the pace: slow kisses, wild and fast kisses. Take a breather and look into the eyes of your kissing partner and gently stroke his face. That’s the perfect way to kiss for hours on end.


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