How to secretly flirt with a married woman?

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Ever thought of flirting with a married woman?

It is a highly disputed subject in the field of love and passion. As the woman you are flirting with is married, so she is already taken by another man. And we are not just talking about a girlfriend status, but the highest of all statuses one can strive for: marriage.

It is difficult to navigate the jungle of emotions while you are flirting, but it becomes even more difficult, if the counterpart is clearly married. The questions of: Is this morally right? How far can I take it? Is there any real chance of getting together with her? …will hit you.

We will look at all those aspects and many more!

It is a narrow road to navigate once you decide to flirt with a married woman, as you can easily cross boundaries and be in trouble with her husband and other people who take notice of your behavior.

In the following we will provide you with some valuable advice on how to behave and on the moral issues at hand.

But don’t forget, you always need two people for a flirt!

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What kind of flirting scenario are we talking about?

Let us imagine the following situation for a second:

You haven’t felt this much tingling in your stomach for a long time. Every time you see her in the distance, your heart bounces up and down. You talk to each other, you’re all smiles. Even your buddies have talked to you about what’s going on with you right now.

You’re not concentrated at work. Your free time is spent staring out the window, looking at the blue sky and dreaming about her.

But as beautiful as it could be, you’re afraid that your current situation won’t turn into a love story. Because the shortcoming of the whole thing is that she is already married to another guy.

Now with the scenario in place, let us look at some obstacles:

Is flirting with a married woman morally wrong?

Should I keep my hands off her?

Conquering a woman who already has a partner is a subject on which opinions differ widely. As this topic always has two sides that need to be examined.

We’ll tell you what our personal experience is on the subject.

Of course, you can try your luck. Start to flirt with her and see if something comes of it. Because here’s the thing: She’s the one who already has a partner. If she is really happy with him, she will not get involved in your flirt attempts. Simply, because she does not want to endanger her relationship.

But…not everything is perfect!

The question of Relationship problems?

The situation is different when she and her partner have become alienated from each other. As disputes are becoming more and more frequent between them. Then it is quite possible that she sees in you, her chance to escape the relationship and start something fresh.

But it is important to be patient and to give her a shoulder to cry on!

Is it your fault, that the marriage fails?

You need to understand, if she leaves her partner for you, then you are not the one to blame for the divorce. Because then some things have already gone terribly wrong before. But you will be the drop of water into the bucket, that will result in a spill over.

At the same time, you have to ask yourself if you really want to get together with a woman who already got divorced. Because what you have to bear in mind is that exactly the same could happen to you. But it also depends on the causes, maybe her husband was cheating or not taking interest in her at all.

At some point you have to make a judgment call.

So clarify for yourself whether your conscience allows you to flirt with a married woman.

Don’t over do it!


What are the key steps to flirting with a married woman?

If you know one hundred percent that she is married and you still want to flirt with her, then we recommend that you approach this thing a little more carefully. Normally the man quickly takes the lead and clearly shows her his sexual interest. Otherwise you run the risk of ending up in the friendship zone.

To avoid this rather complicated case, we advise you to take it a little slower. Of course, it always depends on what your current relationship is with her. Are you just friends? Are you guys colleagues? Have you known each other since childhood?

What is your relationship with the married woman?

Depending on your current relationship, you have to build on it. It is advisable to talk to her more often while you are in public. So it is more relaxed at parties or other meetings with your mutual friends.

Don’t overdo it, though! After all, you don’t want to draw attention to that fact, that you are keen on her. Just try to talk to her in a normal way, but show her in a few private moments the flirty side of yourself. At some stage, she needs to feel your interest.

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What is a location to meet a married woman?

You can’t invite her directly to a romantic dinner. Just ask her if she would like to join you on at spontaneous lunch. At such meetings you have the opportunity to flirt a bit and see how she truly feels about you.

Play it easy, don’t tell her everything at once. If she really has marriage issues, it is important for you to gain her trust and listen to her issues. It is not clever to invite her to your place after midnight. As this will tell her, that you are only interested in one thing.

If the meeting went well and you were able to further increase the ties, you are on the right track. If the meeting was unpleasant for her and she tells a great deal of positive things about her husband than you should stop the flirting. Because then she knows exactly what you are up to and has absolutely no desire for you.

That’s why you shouldn’t just tell her your interest right in her face. Because then there is a great danger that she will tell her partner about it and you will suddenly receive an unwanted visit in the evening.

How to flirt with a married woman at your work?

No matter where you meet that woman the issues will be the same, because she is married!

But at work the situation might be more dangerous than you think, because there are many people who can notice the difference in your chemistry. Once the gossip and rumors start, it will be very hard to stop them.

So it will be extremely important to avoid any flirting while being around other people. You never know if one of your colleagues knows the husband privately and might inform him on what is going on.

So keep your distance in the open space, but don’t over do it, because it might cause irritations if the two of you suddenly stop to communicate.

So be natural, because not only will your behavior be judged but also hers. Especially at work, where trust plays a vital role, it is important to not overstep social boundaries. As this will leave a mark on you or her, which might impact you down the road.



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