How to Stop Thinking about Sex?

Thinking about sex is perfectly natural. We are all driven by our hormones and the subliminal desire to reproduce. But sexual thoughts can sometimes get out of hand, make it difficult to concentrate and prevent us from doing the simplest tasks. However, it is quite possible to push this urge and these instincts into the background. Now let us have a look at three key methods of keeping your thoughts away from sex and naughty stuff!

What triggers you to think about sex?

While it can sometimes be easy to identify certain triggers or situation-related triggers, it can also be helpful if you recognize certain patterns that act as a trigger. The better you can spot these situations, the better your understanding becomes. This increased awareness will give you the chance to handle the your sexual thoughts in a more mature way.

An important question you need to ask yourself, is whether you are triggered visually or verbally. In general terms men respond more to visual stimulation and women tend to respond to verbal stimulation.

Know your own special triggers. If a certain person, time of day or emotion repeatedly triggers distracting sexual thoughts in you, you should be able to recognize these triggers in order to avoid these dirty thoughts in advance. Make a list of your triggers. Maybe you are always think about sex when you wake up in the morning or you stand under the shower. Once you can name these triggers, it will become easier to avoid sexual thoughts.

Does pornography make you horny?

On the one hand porn can be used to get off, but the more you consume the harder it will become not to think about about. Therefore, if you watch a lot of porn, you should it make it harder for you to access pornography. At first glance it is an easy way to satisfy your sexual cravings in the short term, but the development of an unhealthy addiction or relationship can lead to more and more sexual thoughts and make it difficult for you to escape influence.

Further it will take a toll on your ability to have your own sexual phantasy. This will not decrease your ability to stimulate yourself, but will also decrease your ability to attend to your partners needs. As pornographies have the tendency to be far away from the everyday sex experience.

Is there a connection between free time and sexual thoughts?

Simply: YES. The more time you have to space out, the easier it will be for your mind to put you in a situation where you think about dirty stuff. Hence, make concrete plans. Fill the gaps in your schedule in advance. Everyone needs time to relax from time to time, but if you don’t have anything to do for hours, you can easily relapse and think too much about sex again. Pack your day with events and activities to make it easier. At the end of the day, leave some space to review the day and relax, but not so much that you get bored and your thoughts wander back to sex.


Dirty Thoughts are good, get comfortable with them!

Don’t be afraid, sexual thoughts are something wonderful, but you need to learn how to handle them. To do this, you need to approach them in an open manner and don’t shy away from asking yourself the uncomfortable questions.

Therefore if the feeling of sexual desire is strong, but one can still live with it, it makes sense to divert the energies. Sexual strength could be given new directions in the form of creativity or inspiration to counteract the frustration of non-existence.


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