How to Tell a Girl Wants More than Friendship?

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It is always hard to understand the true feelings of a woman. Is this just a friendship or does she like me more than a friend? Whenever you have a crush on a girl, your brain will start spinning around this one question. And this is perfectly natural. But also very a very frustrating process. So how can you tell if a woman likes you?

Is it Friendship or a love Relationship?

But what can you do to find out her true feelings? Because it is a true dilemma. As our natural feelings and desires push us to have a subjective view on the matter. In this great mystery we ask ourselves the following questions: Is she sending me any signs for a love relationship? Or was this a sign of just friendship? Should I take it to the next level?

It’s not easy to answer these questions as the signals from the girls are often mixed and confusing. And most of the time, men don’t see or don’t understand the signs women are sending them. Therefore, it is important to watch the girls very closely and to read their signs.

It is important to know the signs a girl makes when attracted to you!

We are now going to reveal to you the signs that will tell you if she wants true love or just friendship. And we’ll give you some advice on how to avoid the friendship zone (the most dangerous zone to be in, if you want her to fall in love with you).

What are the signs that tell you a woman is attracted you?

Let us take a look at some key signs you can easily observe on any woman, that might give you some feedback on where you stand with her! It is so important to know the more than friends signs!

You don’t need to see all of them, but if we see some and they are positive signs than you should be on the right path to intensify your ambitions. A love Relationship is possible!

But: Keep Calm…

And let us look at the first sign that shows a girl is attracted to you


What will her body language tell you about her feelings?

It is so important to take note of her body language. As it is very hard to hide your true feelings from your body language towards another person.

It is essential to look at how she behaves physically around you and other people. You gain more real information from looking at her than by listening to what she has to say.

If she likes you more than a friend, the body will tell you this!

The following are good signs for attraction:

She will move closer to you while you are sitting on a coach. She might even touch your hands while the two of you are laughing. This is a good sign for interest, as it shows flashes of intimacy.

Another positive sign is when she is slightly nervous around you. A good indication for this would be her playing with her hair or other objects that are just around.

A bad sign would be if her behavior towards you would be no different to that of others. If she doesn’t really care how you see her than it is a bad sign. A love Relationship will be very hard to achieve.

How important are giggles when looking for signs of a affection?

Humor and sharing a laugh is everything for an upcoming relationship. But of course friends do share laughs as well. But they are certainly different laughs, as the vibes are totally different.

Have you ever noticed how laughing is different from giggling?

Sharing a laugh is something that happens out of the moment, but afterwards you just carry on with what you did. Yet constant giggling and smiling differ widely from a laugh.

Giggling is a reflex and it happens naturally when you are slightly unsure of yourself. Yet this is meant in a positive way. Unsure of how to approach the other person without any clear reason to do so. So by giggling she will show you her presence.

These are clear signs of a crush and are an indication for seeking attention from one person. If these giggles only occur when you are around, your heart should make a jump as she is interested in you!

As Giggling is a clear sign to tell a woman likes you!

What will her eyes tell you about her true desires?

Besides the body language, her eyes will also play a big role in showing her true desires. If it is just a friendship it is easy to exchange eye contact. As there would be no underlying feelings which you would want to hide.

But if she has an interest in you, her eyes will start to move around. This has something to do with her being shy and not really understanding her emotions when she is around you.

She will look into you eyes, but once you notice this her eyes will start to wonder downwards and stare at you lips and at times she will just stare at your chest. She will do this to avoid looking directly into your eyes and maybe giving away her true feelings.

Never forget, not only are you scared that your feelings won’t be matched, but she will also go through similar emotions if she is interested in you.

The last thing she wants to be, is the fool who gets rejected. But if she does this, she will like you more than a friend!

One last important thing in regard to her eyes!

If her pupils dilate while looking at you, you can be sure she wants more than just a good friendship. This is a tell tell sign: She is totally into you!


Is Jealousy a good Indicator for having more than just a Friendship? 

One thing is for sure: If she has a crush on you and wants more than just friendship, she will do everything to have you to herself.

So try to test her a little bit. For example you could mention another woman and talk a little bit about her. Maybe indicate how she is interesting or funny, but don’t overdo it. Especially in the beginning everything is very fragile.

So don’t be blunt. If you set this up to obvious, she will notice the bate straight away. As a result she will conceal her feelings. The test will fail, without you knowing it. A terrible outcome as you will draw the wrong conclusions.

If the test goes unnoticed and she is slightly jealous of your interaction with another woman it should give you some more confidence! Another sign for more than just friends!

You could also use this to tease her little bit, but don’t be blunt or you will blow your chances! Don’t make her feel less valued!

Is a meeting alone, a good indicator for more than friendship?

If you have a good friend and you start to feel more than friendship an obvious thing to do would be to do something alone. Just the two of you going to the park or the movies. Because you want to find out if it is a friendship or a love relationship!

But if she constantly turns up with other friends or even suggests in advance that it would be nice to ask X,Y and Z to come along it is a clear sign of NO-INTEREST.

Of course if it is the other way round and your one on one interactions become more, it is a good sign that she is into you.

Try to increase the interactions with her, normally this will come naturally. The closer the two of you become the more attraction there is.

What does this information all mean? Are you more than friends? Let’s figure it out:

The important thing is not to forget that the other person has issues as well. For example, an issue would be for her not to get hurt in the persuade of a relationship. She will also shy away from going all in.

No matter what gender we are, the fear of being rejected is big within all of us! Therefore we are shy to show our true interest.

In order to help her out, you should take notice of the signs mentioned above. Of course it is no guarantee for success, but it is a step into the right direction.

As the first step should always be to figure out if friendship is all she wants. In this constellation it is important to keep in mind, if you are too aggressive you might also loose her as a friend.

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What can you do if you think that she likes you?

You start by teasing her. Playful teasing is always a good indicator to test her feelings! Will she tease you back? Or will she ignore your behavior? If all the signs are there, she will like the teasing.

Teasing is the first indication for sexual tension and will further increase it. As it is used as an excuse to come closer to someone in a playful way!

If it is there, you should take it to the next level by touching her more often. Try to be closer to her. Take her into your arms, tickle her and fool around.

Lastly, you can start talking about sex. Try to find out what she likes, how she wants to be kissed, which body parts arouse her the most. Don’t overdo it! Find the right margin!

But bringing sex into the talks will give you both more confidence moving forward. It means that you are both on the same page.


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