How to use aftershave!

A lot of men don’t use aftershave products, but they wonder why they get a rash or small pimples on the neck after the shaving process. Here: aftershave comes into play! It serves many different functions and should be regarded as the last process in your shaving ritual. It helps to keep germs away which are naturally occurring on your skin. During the shaving process micro particles from your skin get removed. This small skin damage is an invitation for germs to nest in and as a result small pimples start to grow. The alcohol in the aftershave helps to prevent this from happening. Further the aftershave brings a nice scent to your face, which can be matched with your cologne.

Let us take a look at how to apply the aftershave:


Rinse your face with cold water after you have finished the shaving process!

The cold water will remove any access shaving cream, dead skin and hairs. Further it helps to close the pores, which had been opened in the preparing process for the shave. This is important to decrease the tingling effect of the aftershave. This should be always done before applying the aftershave.

Dry your face!                                                                                                                

Take a clean towel and gently dry your face and neck area. Remember: the more you rub the skin the more likely it will be that it gets further irritated and a rash or pimples will form.

Apply moisturizer!

First the shaving process removes a layer of skin and in the process of doing this, the skin will become less moist. Second the aftershave contains alcohol, which will further dry out your skin. So it is important to nourish your skin. This can be easily done by applying moisturizer to your face. The lotion will help the aftershave to stick to the skin. Don’t over do it.

The Aftershave                                                                                                              

The face should now be ready for the aftershave. Take the aftershave and place a view drops of it into your dry hands. Than rub your hands together and spread the aftershave between your two hands. By doing so, some of the alcohol will already evaporate, which is nothing to worry about. Now rub your hands against your cheeks and neck. The aftershave will stick to your to your face and neck. The aftershave will help to cool your face and will prevent any possible damage by germs.


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