How to use social media after a breakup?


Break- ups are the hardest things to deal with. You have been with this person for too long or may be even for a shorter period of time. But, he had surely become an integral part of your life. Hard feelings might linger or might not, but you will certainly feel the urge to look back or stalk his profile again and again. Just to see, what he is up to. It is difficult to let go, all too soon.

Here are a few things you should avoid over the social media in the case of a breakup:

  • Visiting his profile. Out of sight can be a way to keep him out of mind. Repeatedly staring at/going through their profiles over the social media can bring up past memories and experiences which can become quite toxic influences. You might even lose sight of the events that led to your breakup and regain the urge to communicate again, even if this may prove unhealthy. Research proves that this is quite harmful for your mental wellbeing, making it difficult for you to look forward.
  • Updating statuses that scream ” I broke up”! Look, people are really not bothered if you are sad or depressed. That’s a hard fact, but reality. If you really wish to talk about it with someone, you can inbox a friend. But you wouldn’t want to have a thread of public conversation over something that should be privately discussed. Look at spending time productively rather than constantly pulling yourself two steps back.
  • Posting hate/sob messages on your ex’s wall. You should avoid this at all costs. You might be tempted to remind him of things or tell him your feelings, but certainly social media is not a place to do so. You wouldn’t want people mocking at you. That’s too immature. You will surely have spent great moments, which is why, you were with him in the first place. Let you private life be really “private”.

What should you do?

  • Consider shutting yourself out of social media for some time. After a breakup, you should seriously detoxify your heart and soul. Every human being you come across, can impact you in different ways. Great or small. And when it is someone you might have thought of spending your life with, and he doesn’t exist, it is difficult to completely neglect his thoughts. You need to spend time with yourself more, introspecting actions, so that you can avoid unwanted situations/ toxic relationships. It is time to evaluate yourself as well as look at what lies ahead.
  • Befriend new people. You do not need to indulge deeply in sad thoughts. Renew your profile, if you wish to. Make yourself available to new contacts. Another dating profile isn’t a bad idea altogether!
  • Stay away from people who are close to your ex. Everyone might have been nice to you all the way through the relationship you have had with your ex. But consider un- following your ex’s friends. They might post things which you might feel have something to do with you. But you could just avoid them altogether.

It’s all in the head. Stay on your own. Give it some time. Everything else will fall into place.




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