How to Impress a Girl on the First Date?

Dating a girl

Finally, the time has arrived that you have been waiting for since past one month. It’s another cheerful day but not a usual one because it’s your first official date. You feel like dancing but  you cannot for you are worried because you don’t know How to impress a girl on the first date.

Don’t want your first date to be the last one? Here are a few tips given by a woman that you should absolutely know and that will definitely help you to impress a girl. What to wear on the first date?


What to wear on the first date?

Now this situation is something that we face daily in our lives even when there is no occasion. So let us just keep it simple. The very first thing and definitely the most important one is to dress up like a gentleman.

Always wear fresh clothes. By fresh here, I do not mean that you buy some brand new stuff, but at least wear properly washed and ironed clothes. It shouldn’t really look like you have recently stepped out of a bus filled with passengers.

Make sure, the socks you wear shouldn’t be stinky at all. Always apply a deodorant or a perfume but make sure, it’s fragrance should be mild.

Wearing suits and ties isn’t a necessity. You may wear casuals, but, avoid a funky look. I believe, a shirt with pants or jeans would go fine. Avoid carrying a hippy or a stoner look. You are going there to impress a girl, not to scare her.

For the shoe section, any type of shoes matching to your dressup would go well. I believe, formal shoes attract girls more than the funky colourful sport shoes, at least my type of girls wish for decency. But make sure if you go for formal shoes, they should be properly polished, not covered with mud or dirt. Because that is something  that will definitely show you are least interested in maintaining your dressing sense.

Also, try wearing a good wrist watch, because in today’s time, wrist watches are something that are being replaced. But, wrist watches have always been a part of the status symbol. So usually, you, wearing a wrist watch, would give an impression that you are not way to involved with the phones, and still like to carry a classy look.


What to do on the first date to impress a girl?

Dating a girl honestly isn’t that easy.Now, the first and the foremost thing that comes up is, you picking up your date from a pre decided place. In this case, always be there on time. You should be ready, waiting for her before she arrives. In any case, even if she gets late, do not get annoyed, and specially, even if you are pissed, never bring that expression on your face or in your tone.


If you decide to meet up at the place where the date is planned, the same situation comes in, be there before her. Even if you are waiting for her, do not communicate through text messages, instead, give her a call to ask, whether she is safe or not and by when would she reach, showing your excitement to meet her.

Now, finally when you guys are at the destination.

Be gentle and show etiquettes by doing little things like opening the door for her, walking with her, not behind, not forward, but with her, pull the chair for her etc.

Sat on the table? Perfect! Now give her the gifts or gift you bought for her. Oh!!! did I just forget to mention the gifts???

Another important thing, never go empty handed on the first date. I don’t ask you to buy something really expensive, go with your budget. If nothing else, at least a bouquet of flowers, or a box full of chocolates is something that should be presented. Girls usually get impressed by seeing gifts and get excited too.


While you are on the date, never lose eye contact with your girl, this will eventually make her feel that you are interested in her. If some other random guy is gazing at her from some other direction, make sure you get up from your seat and sit in the direction where that guy is sitting, so that he may not look at your girl again. This will eventually make the girl feel more secure and she will feel happy about the fact that you are trying to protect her.

Try to make the girl comfortable and be down to earth. Respect every person that comes in your way. Specially, talk to the waiters of the restaurant or the hotel very politely by giving them respect. Do not speak too much, only speak what is actually required. Be little reserved. This is something that always attracts the girls.

Order something of her choice, whether you like it or not. Respect her choices or preferences. Ask her time to time whether she needs something or not, and constantly ask her if she is comfortable or not.

In case she comments on the place being too expensive, comfort her by saying that it does not matter, for you are here with me.

If by any chance, she forces to pay the bill, like really forces a lot, do let her do that, also contribute some amount in it. Since, long gone are the days when girls used to rely on the guys money. Now, maximum girls have become independent enough to pay their bills themselves. Do not take that on your ego.

After, you had your food, take her out on a romantic walk. This is something almost all the girls love.

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What to say on the first date?

Like this is one of the most important factors influencing your first date.

The first thing is, be honest with everything you say, though the honesty shouldn’t lead to hurting her in any way or making her angry. Show that you trust her in whatever she says.

Have a conversation with her to listen and not to reply constantly. Try to take more interest in her life, but, only up to that point till which she is comfortable in giving the answers. Ask her about her preferences. Try to know more about what she does on a daily basis i.e. her schedule or something and be supportive towards that.

If you both are having a discussion over some serious topic, say feminism, even if you do not agree with some of her thoughts, you have the whole right to put up your viewpoint in a polite manner, but do not outrightly reject her perspective. As this will definitely annoy her.

If by any chance, she is disturbed on that very particular day due to some issue happening in her life, and she shares it with you, listen to her very carefully and try to console her with what she wants to hear and not what you want to tell her. Because this is the time, when you haven’t yet build up that kind of bond that you can give your perspective easily and she’ll listen to you. This is the time, when you are here to impress her and you are not her boyfriend yet. So keep that in mind before puking any word out.


Praise her but not with typical cheesy lines. Be somewhat realistic. Never praise her with words such as hot, sexy etc. Not all girls like it, these words make you sound like a desperate person. Praise her with some decent words such as gorgeous, beautiful, heavenly etc.

What should you definitely not do on the first date?

Here are a number of things that need to be kept in mind if you really wish dating the same girl for the second time.

Never ever get late on your first date. This will definitely create a very bad impression of yours. I don’t believe in the saying that first impression is the last impression, but sometimes, YES, it does matter.

Never show that you are sleepy or tired as you’ll force the girl to think you are bored with her, even if you are fully enjoying.

Never ever pass a negative comment on her looks or what she is eating or doing. She can be fat, or can be skinny as a skeleton, but that is none of your business. Never comment on that.

Do not look at the other girls at all, who pass by you or are sitting on the next tables. This will again annoy your date.

Never ever, by any chance, raise your voice at her in public or abuse her. Even if she is fussy about something, do not lose your patience. Once you do it, and you lose your girl forever, because just like males, females have a high level of self respect which they keep above even the male ego.

One of the most important thing while dating a girl is do not get physical at first date at all. This may have a negative impact and arouse a reaction of rejection. Even at the first sight of her, do not go and try to hug her desperately, if she isn’t comfortable with a hug, shake your hands. Never show that you are desperate. This will do no harm but will only show your decency.

Do not ever brag about yourself or your personal problems. The girl is there to spend some quality time with you, not to listen you bragging about yourself. Do not act cheap or talk about money at all.

Never ever carry that stereotypical mentality of yours. Say for example, if she says, she loves doing bike racing, do not object by saying, that oh!!! you are a girl, how can you do a bike race??

Do not be against feminism at all. This is something all the girls hate.

My very personal tips

Apart from all the above given tips, I personally have a number of suggestions that should be kept in mind. I believe, first date is something that everyone wants it to be special and memorable. So here I go…

One of the things I personally hate in men is their long nails (if they have kept it). Not being feminist, but long nails do look good on girls because they know how to maintain it well. Boys/men on the other hand, do not even care if their nails are filled with dirt. So make sure you trim your nails before you go on a date else the dirt in your nails will definitely leave the girl with a feeling of disgust and she would not even like to hold your hand.

Your hands and feet should be clean and tidy. Try applying some moisturiser if you have rough hands. Girls usually like soft hands. If your lips are chapped, use a lip balm.

Never ever wear slippers on date. Like really? who wears slippers on an official date. Dressed from head to toe but slippers is what you’re wearing below. Again a low graded impression. If you are wearing formal shoes make sure they are polished. Even the sport shoes should be clean.

Do not take unnecessary phone calls. In Fact, do not use your phone while you are on a date. This will show that you are more interested in your phone than your girl.

This is something that is really disgusting when it comes to others and we have to see it. Your nose should be properly cleaned and wiped. If your nose is unclean, the girl will not even look at your face. Always carry a handkerchief with you.

Never plan a date while your suffering from cough and cold. Because your regular coughing will surely irritate the girl.

Never smoke or drink and then go on a date. Girls who do not smoke, usually hate the smell of cigarettes. Your smoking and drinking habits will not create a good impression on her, but can instead give you a stoner look.

Do not bring in your male typical ego on small small things when it comes to discussions. You are in no way above or better than your date. You both are equal. So try to understand what the girl is trying to say.

Now, these are some things I’ll be pressing on because I have seen a number of such cases.

Never talk about marriage or children on the very first date. For heaven’s sake, love doesn’t happen on the first date, everything takes time. Don’t be a despo. Children and marriage is surely not something that you should be thinking of while dating a girl.

Do not take her to a place such as a bar or a pub on the very first date. Do visit a decent hotel or a restaurant.

Do not ask any personal questions from your date. Never talk about your ex as well. You just have met her, you haven’t walked her path and probably have no right to question or judge her in matters such as her past relations. Neither has she the right to know all your history. Also, things should go slow. No one shares information on the first date.

Never impose your terms and conditions on her. She isn’t your slave.Specially when you are dating a girl you have no right to command her or demand from her. Never pass sarcastic comments on her and never taunt her in any way. This is something your date will never like.

These were some of the things that will definitely help you in impressing a girl on the very first date.


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