How to Introduce Yourself to a Girl? Tips & Advice

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Wish to speak to a girl but don’t know how to introduce yourself to her? Is talking to a woman extremely difficult for you? Is the idea of being considered a stalker worrying you? Women aren’t that hard to converse with if you can make them comfortable. If you really want to speak to this girl, give it a shot with these handy tips. It wouldn’t be that bad anyway!

How to talk to a girl for the first time?

The way you introduce yourself to a girl for the first time paves the way for a lasting impression. It is truly a make-or-break event. Walking up and talking to a stranger for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. Unlike women, men find it particularly difficult to introduce themselves. The fear of rejection or embarrassment looms large. More often than not, anyone would prefer keeping their feelings to themselves because of the fear of the repercussions. The real deal is to not behave creepily. If you throw yourself all over her and force her into anything, it is already a lost cause.

Dress smart

Wear something smart. Look presentable. It just adds a layer of security about your background. No offense whatsoever, but any stranger would judge your clothes. A well-groomed man will always have a better chance in the first go.

Speak a few words

Nobody wants a stranger to walk up and talk endlessly. You should understand that a little mystery makes you an unmissable catch. The first few seconds of the exchange of words will guarantee where it heads with the girl. Here’s what you could tell her:

“May I speak to you for a minute? Something about you interested me to walk up and talk.”


Have a positive aura and smile at her. Make sure there is something pleasant about your personality that makes her entertain a stranger like you. Vibes are strong and women are highly intuitive.

Avoid staring weirdly

If you actually want to see her, do so with some class. Scanning her body and creepily looking at her like some object will make her run away from you.

Make some eye contact confidently

A poor body language will show your lack of confidence. It is critical that you look her in the eye and tell her what you want to. If you are self-confident, she is bound to feel it.

Throw your arrogance in the dump yard

Nobody wants to entertain an arrogant man. You may have a witty style of conversation but don’t try crass cheesy lines because you never know what might offend her. Overconfidence is a deal breaker anyway.

Offer her a drink or coffee

Be polite in letting her know what actually attracted you to her. Ask her if she would prefer a drink or coffee. This will help you buy more time to talk to her. Even if she denies that she might still speak with you for a while because you have managed to have your manners in place.

PS: Judge the situation well before you take this step.

How to introduce yourself to a girl online?

Though introducing yourself to a girl online is pretty much easier because the awkwardness is much under control, it can be equally challenging. This is because there are far fewer chances of you having met her before. She will have plenty of questions as to what really got you interested. To be honest, it is just her exterior self that must have gotten you interested and you may not want her to know that. Obviously, because you will come across as someone shallow too quick.

Be blunt about the fact that you really love the way she looks and she has a personality you are interested in. Talk about stuff like the grace in her pictures, the depth in her eyes, or maybe just how opinionated she seems. No bluffing here! This needs to be clear right away. Nonetheless, don’t be sexually explicit. It’s a game over for sure. For example, “Your pictures captivated me. I would love to know more about you. Will you be comfortable chatting for a while?”

No woman entertains a stalker. Harassing her will make things worse. Just let her decide what she wants. Poking, repeated texting despite no interest from the other end, sending requests from a variety of dummy accounts will never help you win over her.

How to introduce yourself to a girl on Whatsapp?

The first question that would run on any girl’s mind who receives a text on WhatsApp from a guy she doesn’t know is how he found my contact number. Now, this is actually a breach of privacy and you should be extra cautious about what you say. The following tips could come in handy when you wish to impress a girl on Whatsapp.

It is best to keep the tone as formal as possible.

Be honest about where you got her number from. Avoid writing long essays on what you liked about her right away. The following three examples could be your opening text:

“Hey, I know this is super odd and I apologise for intruding into your space like that. But I have something to tell you and would really appreciate if you let me explain the reason for managing to text you.”

“Hello, my name is XYZ. And I happened to get your number from ABC. Could I speak to you for some time and explain the rest of the story? TBH, I am not a stalker and have to admit that I didn’t want to scare or annoy you ;).”

“Hello, I am a close friend of XYZ who also happens to be your colleague/friend. We met last night at the party/meeting and I was extremely interested in knowing you better. I don’t mean to force you into a conversation right away. Please let me know the best time to get back and explain further.”

How do I avoid awkwardness while speaking to a girl?

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Don’t be in a hurry. Patience will pay off. Of course, you will want to woo her but take your time. If you rush, your desperation might just show. Control your pace of breathing and keep reminding yourself that this is not the end of the world. Just in case she lets you know she is in a relationship or married and does not wish to speak with you, leave her alone. To avoid fumbling, just prepare yourself on what you would like to tell her.

Here are a few conversation starters that will give you some idea on how to approach a woman for the first time.

“Hey, I just happened to see you sometime back at the bar. You seem to be having no company. Could I fancy you in a conversation?”

“Hello, my name is XYZ. I really loved your smile. Just floored me.I would like to know you more. Care to chat over a drink or two?”

“I happened to overhear the conversation you were having with your friend. To be honest, I really love the confidence with which you presented your thoughts. Would you fancy speaking to me, if you don’t mind?”

“Hi, I happened to cross this place when I saw you from far. Don’t mind me saying this, but I am super attracted to you. How about a conversation in the cafe nearby?”

“Hey, would you mind dancing with me? I promise to not make anything awkward for you. Though I don’t really consider myself a good dancer, it would be my pleasure to give you company.”

We hope this could help you easily cut through the weirdness of the conversation with a stranger and going ahead. It isn’t that difficult if you keep you desperation under check. Let us know if we missed out on anything that you need help with!



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