How long does a woman take to fall in love?

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Love just happens. Sometimes, it is difficult to pick a reason as to why someone stole your heart. All you know is you have been swept off the floor. That there is nothing you profoundly desire as much as that person all the time. You lose your sense of time and space. The time taken for a woman to fall in love will vastly vary from that of a man. Women are wired differently in terms of choosing who they give away their hearts to. The higher the levels of dopamine as a result of a stronger feeling of happiness, the greater is the level of attraction.

How long does a woman take to fall for someone? What does it mean when a woman is taking longer to express her feelings? Is it love if she reciprocates sooner? How do you know if she is interested in you? Here are a few tips that will help you understand the answers and beyond.

What factors determine how soon a woman falls in love?

Exactly what makes her fall for you will be determined by certain variables like her specific state of mind, her focus or priorities in life, her values, the kind of man she dreams of having in her life and sometimes, it just happens without a warning. If you can instill a sense of security, confidence, acceptance, and peace in a woman, she is bound to fall in love with you faster.

TBH, there is no specific timeline when it’s a matter of the heart. Psychology always trumps any chemical reaction that triggers passion. There is no set calculation to take you to your expected outcomes. It can happen anytime, more often when you least expect it. Heard of love at first sight? Does it even seem practical? But you do know stories of how things fell into place because of a weird sense of intuition about one’s soulmate at the first sight. Strange, isn’t it?

Spoiler Alert: Whatsoever you try, some connections cannot be forced. She has a picture of the perfect man in a fantasy bubble and only if certain traits are ticked off in her checklist, there are higher chances of her falling in love with you. You may be the most eligible bachelor in town but she may still not fall for you if you don’t click.

First Impression: A woman needs to have a series of good experiences with you if she has to fall in love. Especially, the first meeting needs to be nailed well. That leaves a lasting impression where it will be difficult for her to keep you off her head.

Her previous experiences: A childhood memory or trauma, the past history of abusive exes can play a major role in the amount of time a woman takes to fall in love. Prolonged periods of separation from close ones, child abuse, lack of emotional security, feelings of neglect can trigger a lack of self confidence and insecurity or demanding and possessive tendencies. Often people look for love outside when they have been devoid of care. If a man is willing to fill the lacuna, a woman might be quickly drawn towards him.

Her priorities and value system: If a woman has made up her mind to prioritise her career and financial independence, it might be difficult for her to make time for anything else. In this case, a consistent effort might be needed to convince her for a relationship. This is especially true in the case of very strong women who are disillusioned by the idea of love and wish to keep things as little complex as possible. The feelings are latent and it will take a good deal of effort to awaken them.

Her level of maturity: A mature woman will comparatively take more time to figure out who fits her bill. This is because she has learnt things the hard way and silly sweet talking may not always sail you through the dating game with regard to mature and old women. There is a complex level of evaluation process that will constantly play in her mind because love isn’t just a sweet, happy feeling for her but a matter of serious commitment. The tolerance level to nonsense is at a stark low and expectations will be quite clear in this scenario.

Quick Tip: Try conversing with her in the most creative ways to understand her choice of a potential mate. Direct questions might make her conscious. Follow her social media posts and understand what she expects. When you take cognizance of what’s lacking in her life and fulfill them, she will get drawn to you naturally.

Is it love or lust?

how long woman love

Sometimes, when the flame burns too bright too soon, it is mostly infatuation and not love. Love develops over time and with a hell lot of effort. Lust comes easy because it is so extrinsically driven and easily fades. It is very important to draw a line of difference in what counts as lust vs love. Some people just wear their heart on their sleeves. No matter what someone might have put them through their belief in love is all-encompassing. They impulsively fall in love with the most guarded ones and commit wholeheartedly. However, love is a two- way process and if not reciprocated, you strike a limbo!

Falling in love too quickly is largely based on physical attraction. You can be intensely attracted to someone and still not be in love. That’s just your sexual drive talking. This doesn’t negate the fact that love needs sex too. What makes lust different is you don’t really have to sync, there is no concrete sense of responsibility towards  the other person and emotional availability when crisis strikes. You specifically value the good time you have in bed. And that’s about it.

Love or lust is something that you have to figure out. When love happens too fast from her side, is she seeking sexual pleasure? Or is she desperately seeking your company only? Someone once jokingly told me that love is a full time job. Think of it, it is very practical and honest. Is the woman you desire investing that kind of time and energy in you? If yes, a day or a year she is extremely affectionate about you. If that’s not love, what is it?

How do you make a woman fall for you quickly?

Although there are no hacks to emotional connections, you can just try doing your part and leave the rest to her. Here are a few things that should be on point if you wish to make her fall for you quickly.

  1. Make time for her
  2. Be there for her
  3. Show her that she is your priority
  4. Be sensitive to her needs
  5. Make her part of your everyday/ weekend plans
  6. Prove your loyalty
  7. Speak about her aspirations
  8. Build common goals for the future
  9. Have a sense of time and commitment
  10. Value her opinions
  11. Give her space
  12. Make her comfortable
  13. Focus on the little things
  14. Keep some mystery alive
  15. Have a stunning personality
  16. Follow through your promises
  17. Don’t sell your self respect away for anyone
  18. Be passionate about what you love
  19. Make her feel secure
  20. Be childlike and also love that side of hers too
  21. Keep yourself updated
  22. Nurture your personal style
  23. If already sexually involved, blow her mind away in bed

If you are confused about whether a woman has fallen in love with you, the sure way to know is to ask rather than foolishly guessing forever. The answers are easy. Love is a strong feeling and your soul just knows. Did we answer your questions accurately? Let us know what we missed and we will have you covered in the next release.


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