Major Causes of Water Pollution

Water pollution is caused by several different factors but all those factors have in common that they are produced by mankind. Ground water, lakes, rivers, the ocean and ultimately the rain get contaminated by pollutants which are not being filtrated before the used water is put pack into the eco-system. Water pollution  not only affects the ecosystem – within it the plants and animals – but it also has a dramatic affect on the human body.

Now let us look at key elements:


The growing population has caused the cities to expand rapidly and new cities were quickly build from scratch. With this rapid urbanization problems such as water supply, wastewater generation and collection, as well as its disposal were neglected for varies reasons. Meaning that cities which are located next to a running stream have not thought about a system of cleaning their sewage water before putting it back into the system. As a result the sewage, the garbage and liquid waste of households, agricultural lands and factories is being discharged into lakes and rivers. By doing so the harmful chemicals and toxins within the used water are being placed into the ecosystem without being cleaned. Once in the ecosystem they run up the food chain which ultimately ends with us, the human being.

But it is not only the problem of installing such systems, but also the need to maintain them and to expand them. As the standard of living has increased across the population the usage of water, soap and flush toilets has increased. Therefore the installed systems have become to small and insufficient to adhere to the needs of the growing population. This causes leaks and spillovers in the sewage system which again effects the ecosystem and the less privileged people.



Most rivers, lakes and other sources of fresh water are being polluted by industrial wastes or effluents. These industrial wastes are toxic to all forms of life. The industrial waste is generally even more toxic than the contamination caused by households as they contain pollutants like asbestos, lead, mercury and petrochemicals which are extremely harmful to both people and environment, further sea water gets polluted due to oil spills from ships. Responsible for this are the industries of electroplating, paper mills, steel plants, textile and sugar plants.

Another aspect is the improper use of agriculture products. Here fertilizers and pesticides are being used to speed up the crop growth, but one forgets that the fertilizers are also being washed into the ground water.


Air Pollution:

The air pollution by the industry and traffic causes toxic particles to get into the air. As these particles are in the atmosphere they contact with water vapor and will come back down on earth in the form of rain. These will further pollute the rivers, lakes, ground water and will have a direct impact on your skin for example.


The important mission is the break the circle and to contain the pollution to give the land the proper time to heal.



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