Online Dating a few tips!

Before the age of internet, the search for a partner was quiet a different story. You defiantly did not post an ad in a local newspaper to spread the message that you are single and interested! Your rather went to the bar in the hope of meeting someone there.

However, this has changed with the internet and every future that came along. Our daily life takes more and more place in the online world than in the real world. So there is no place better to search for a partner than via the online world.

Search, but where? So many options!

Are you looking for a hot flirt or a partner for life? If you are not sure or open minded, think about where your focus lies. If you are currently looking for a non-binding One Night Stand, it makes little sense to look at exclusive dating sites, where the people are generally looking for long-term relationships. If you find a sympathetic person here, but do not mean it seriously, it will only cause frustration on both sides. For casual flirtations or hot encounters with strangers,  casual dating are the better chose.

So take a little time to look at different pages or listen to the advice your friends offer you. Once you have found the appropriate platform for your search, you can think about how you want to present yourself there.

Send the right signals!

Of course, the temptation is to paint a beautiful picture of yourself when creating your profile on an online dating site. To a certain extent, self-optimization is certainly in order and demonstrates a healthy self-confidence. So it’s okay to advertise, but don’t over do it.

Without a photo or multiple pictures, nothing works. If you are unsure on which pictures you look good, ask a good friend. Pay attention to the message your pictures send: A man who shows himself from all perspectives during strength training, or who poses with his car, is likely to reach a small target group, because show-offs are exposed with such pictures too fast. Do you want a partner or someone who adores you? Imagine who you would like to address with your profile and what this type of woman might appreciate. Here empathy and imagination is required!

If you upload multiple images, you can clearly illustrate your hobbies and interests – how would life be at your side? For those who show themselves in their photos only too sexy, sweet or constantly with a glass of champagne in the hand, they should not be surprised if the new girlfriend is just as superficial.

You need to interpret profiles correctly!

If you’ve been dealing with your own profile photos and your self-portrayal in such detail, you should not find it difficult to expose a blender. Ideally, a profile gives a pretty good idea of how the other person is ticking.

The photos of other singles tell you how the one wants to be seen. It makes sense to critically examine the self-portrayal of a potential partner like an FBI profiler. But above all, listen to your gut feeling. As in real life, in the first few seconds we see someone, an unconscious scan often hits the bull’s eye. If, according to the letters and the pictures, everything speaks for one person, but she was unpleasant to you at first, just leave it. You’re probably right!


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