How to be a Perfect Man for a Woman?

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The idea of perfection is relative. No matter how hard we try, we may never be truly perfect in every sense of the term. However, working towards it will only motivate you enough to become better, better than yesterday. Are you looking for answers to become a finer version of yourself? Have you come across certain standards of perfection that you wish to see in yourself? What can you do to improve your flaws and work towards a higher sense of wellbeing? It is never too late to rectify. With consistency and perseverance, it is achievable. Here are a few ideas which we feel can help you level up your game while understanding the true meaning of perfection.

How does a girl define a perfect guy?

There are plenty of fishes in the sea, but not everyone can be perfect. To floor the most desirable woman, you will have to inculcate the habits that make a man desirable. In the practical sense, everyone is aware of how delusional the idea of perfection is, even the women you are trying to catch the attention of. An aspirational man, much in charge of his life; a man with a high sense of self-esteem and no wonder the charismatic outer appearance is the idealist version of what a perfect man looks like. Any woman would go bananas over someone like that.

However, is the idea of a perfect man achievable? Practically, it is not even realistic. There will be times when you being a mortal will also break down and have your bad days as well. It’s just fine provided you know who you are and can face yourself at the end of the day. Trust us on this, a real woman knows and understands. Own up your flaws like they are your strengths and none can make you feel any less.

What are the perfect man qualities?

Be fit

Being fit translates to being stronger not just physically but mentally as well. You don’t necessarily need to be a gym rat to be fit. Wake up early, go for a jog or practice Yoga. Calm your mind and eat right so that you can prepare effectively for the whole day ahead of you.

Dress smart

Make the effort to learn what compliments you. Ill-fitted clothes hint at flaws in your personality. Speak to an image consultant if need be. When you dress right for the occasion, you never fail to impress. After all, you never get a second chance to create the first impression.

Cultivate the habit of reading

A well-informed man is more attractive than an ignorant one. Don’t restrict your knowledge. Also, don’t let your existing knowledge rust. The more your brain is receptive to newer ideas, the better your decision-making capabilities are.

Treat people with respect

Men who are kind and compassionate are remembered and valued. If you want to be treated with respect, you will have to give respect. Help people in need. This is especially true for your female counterparts. Learn about unconscious biases and how you could counter them. Women are not your doormats so behave like an educated human and have a dignified approach to anyone you come across.

Be responsible

Have a sense of responsibility towards yourself and those dependent on you directly or indirectly. Have concrete goals and be willing to sacrifice other pleasures if you wish to achieve them. To be perfect, you have to prove yourself. Keep your words and promises. Stop escaping when you cannot face the truth or don’t have the courage to claim responsibility for your mistakes.

Quit what you don’t love

There is no point miserably dragging things that you don’t enjoy or aren’t passionate about. Have the grit to say no to what doesn’t serve your purpose. A grumpy man is a pain to have around.

Be open to learning

You definitely don’t know everything that is in this world. Stop having a “Mr. know-it-all” attitude. You never know which skill will come to your rescue at your hardest hour in life. Get out of your comfort zone and explore. Travelling is a great teacher. Meeting new people and engaging with their ideas will open up your mind to things you can never comprehend.

How to be the best man in a relationship?

To be the best man, you should be sensitive to what the girl expects. After all, it is people that matter to you who can judge that better. Not every woman is the same and each one has a different set of expectations. Speak with her and understand what makes her happy. You have to build a strong foundation for yourself so that you are desirable to most people, if not all. Wooing your lady with flowery texts and talks can work like charm for some time. But to have a long-lasting impression, you must make a man of yourself.

How can I be a perfect boyfriend?

perfect man

Knowing what a woman wants from a perfect boyfriend can be tricky. You can buy her all the pleasures that money can get but if you don’t have a personality, the relationship won’t really last long. Though validation is something we all seek from the people we love, be yourself at all times. The right women will find you perfect even with your most embarrassing flaws. You should do what you can but at the end of the day let time decide what keeps a woman to you till the end.

How should a man act in a relationship?

Be the alpha man

Being the alpha man doesn’t entail being the big brother everywhere. Rather, be someone who earns his respect. Don’t become the butt of ridicule just so that you can entertain the others in your company. Rather have the company where you are yourself and are a man of a few but responsible words. Your woman will like you more when she sees you are held in high regards everywhere you go.

Handle situations calmly

When things go haywire, be in control of the situation. Losing your cool will only make you fidgety and people will start avoiding you. You don’t have to be aggressive to make people listen to you. They will when they find value in what you say and do. Bad guys are attractive for a short time only. In the future, your nasty attitude and tantrums will shoo any woman away.

Have a positive aura

Be kind. Be considerate of your woman and the people you hang out with. Help them when they are in need. Take care of them. Sometimes, go out of your way to do things. Try keeping people happy and most importantly, be happy. Everyone goes through the worst and you should be a breather to be around. Just don’t add to anyone’s problems.

Be a one woman man

Loyalty is a great virtue. It is never pleasant to be in relationships with men who have their eyes everywhere. Make your woman feel important and show her off proudly to the world.

Take care of your financial security

Dependency is a burden. Stabilize your material self. You should be able to take care of your material needs and also help the woman you love when the time demands.

Be old school

Your woman might be very liberal, independent and knows how to deal with herself. However, to take the extra mile, make sure she feels secure. Have your manners in place. She will feel special.

Satisfy her

Sex is an important component of any relationship. If not every day, you need to keep the physical intimacy alive. That makes both of you desirable to each other.

It isn’t really a big deal if perfection isn’t achieved. Sometimes, your imperfections make you more perfect than anything else. Let us know how what you think about the tips shared. We would love to hear back from you on how these ideas went for you.


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