How to Propose a Girl on WhatsApp Chat?

Proposing a girl on WhatsApp

Proposing a girl on chat can be one of the most tricky things ever, since your proposal can either turn out to be a sunrise that will brighten up your day, or a sunset that will turn into a dark night. How to propose a girl on WhatsApp Chat? Should you do it or actually avoid it? If yes, what should you say or write? Here are a few tips you should absolutely know that will help you propose a girl on WhatsApp (and a few examples of the most romantic proposal messages you can take inspiration from).

Should I propose a girl on WhatsApp?

Proposing a girl through text on WhatsApp can be very romantic and works like a charm. But it is also risky: the girl could be sceptical about your marriage proposal and not take it seriously. So here are the pros and cons of proposing a girl on WhatsApp Chat to help you make up your mind.

Pros of proposing on Chat

There are definitely a number of advantages of proposing a girl on WhatsApp Chat.

The biggest advantage is not being face to face. You don’t have to face the girl and in this way, you’ll be more comfortable, for even if you are nervous, it won’t be visible to her.

You can easily confess whatever you have in your heart. You won’t hesitate for you’ll have the entire time to think and frame a perfect proposal message.

One of the best thing is you do not need to dress up like a gentleman, which you usually would have done while going out on a date. A good profile picture would be completely alright. This would also save a lot of time.

Proposing on WhatsApp is surely one of the least expensive methods of proposing. You do not have to plan for unnecessary mini gifts.

WhatsApp proposals can help avoid awkward public moments. There would be no unwanted people around you when you propose her.

This might sound a little weird, but one last advantage of proposing on WhatsApp is, even on rejection you will feel a little less hurt. Being rejected on chat is somewhere a little better than being outrightly rejected on your face.

Cons of proposing on chat

As it is said, “everything that glitters is not gold”, so are the WhatsApp proposals. They may sound very beneficial and easy but have a number of disadvantages attached to them, which may completely turn the tables around.

The biggest disadvantage is being termed as fake. Your WhatsApp Chat proposal can be completely neglected for the very fact that the girl might think that you are either just playing a prank on her or are giving out a time pass/fake proposal.

Not being face to face may be an advantage but can surely prove out to be a really big disadvantage as well. WhatsApp Chats cannot assure you of who is typing your responses from the other end. It could be anyone, even her friends.

Text messages are the least expressive. Sometimes a simple text can turn into a fight due to misunderstandings and misconceptions. It is always a possibility that whatever feelings you are putting in your texts might not get conveyed to her properly.

Every girl somewhere deep inside wishes for that romantic proposal for once where the guy bends on his knees for proposing her. WhatsApp chats lack such intense and adorable moments.

Another major disadvantage is that WhatsApp Chats lack privacy. You never know who is sitting beside her while you are sending her a text. Also, there is a possibility your chat gets transferred to her best friends.

These were a number of advantages and disadvantages of proposing a girl on WhatsApp that will surely help you decide whether you want to opt this method or not. And finally, if you wish to head with a Chat proposal, here are a number of examples you can use to propose a girl on WhatsApp Chat.

Most romantic messages to propose her for marriage

  • I promise to hold your hand no matter what happens. I promise to stay by your side like your shadow even after I die. All I know is, you are the one that I need and I cannot live without you. Will you be mine forever?
  • There will never be someone that can make me feel the way that you do. I had a heart that I once knew, but it never skipped a beat until it met you. I Love You. Will you be mine forever?
  • Can I keep you and never let you go? Can I hold your hand and hug you tight? Can I tell the world how lucky I am to have you in my life because I Love You. Can you be mine for the rest of my life?

Best proposal messages ever for her

  • If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to tell you I Love You.
  • Why do I Love You? Because no one else but you taught me the meaning of this word and showed me how to love. I Love You.
  • My life did not begin with you, but I wish it ends with you. Please be my life for life!

These were some of the examples that you can use to propose a girl.

What is the best way to propose a girl on WhatsApp Chat?

The best way is to put a WhatsApp Status like “Will finally tell her my feelings today”

If she checks your status and asks you about it, chances are she likes you and will say yes. So just tell her how much you love the girl but do not reveal the name immediately. If she doesn’t see your status, just text her like that:

Boy: Hey! How are you?

Girl: I’m good. What about you?

Boy: A bit confused actually.

Girl: About what?

Boy: Didn’t you see my status?

(Status: I just love her so much. She makes me crazy. I can’t even think of spending a minute without her. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. She is the reason of my happiness. I want to marry her. But the only problem is: I am not able to tell her.)

Girl: Wow, you really love that girl. I must say she is really lucky. Why don’t you tell her?

Boy: I am the one who is lucky to have a person like her in my life. Why: See my status.

(Status: Just told her my feelings. Waiting for her reply. I hope she says Yes.)

Boy: So?

Girl: Didn’t you see my status?

(Status: I can’t even think of spending a second without you. You are always on my mind. You complete me. When I see you smiling, I can’t help smiling as well. You made me understand the meaning of life, love and happiness. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I just wanted to say yes!)

This was probably the best proposal on WhatsApp chat I’ve ever read! A very romantic way to propose a girl! It really moved me when I read it.

What if the girl rejects you?

Rejection may be disheartening but is surely not the end of the world. If she was just a liking to you, then probably you will be able to move on in some time and this can be done by focussing more on yourself and some other girl.

If you loved her and are not able to get over her easily, not a problem, don’t lose hope, give it some time and take a chance again to express your feelings to her.

In case you proposed her for marriage and she said No to your proposal and said that she needs more time to think, do not lose hope because it does not mean that she does not want to marry you at all, except if she said that quite explicitly. It is just that she needs a little more time to think about it. It’s a big decision after all.

Don’t look desperate, don’t insist and don’t be available all the time. This might make her lose interest in you over time.

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