Review: The Rain on Netflix

The rules are simple: Every raindrop that hits your skin will cause your immediate death. Every puddle of water on the ground as well. And all people who roam the outside are looking for  a shelter at night and food and are ready to kill for it.

In Netflix’s eight episodes of The Rain the virus that kills everyone within minutes is transmitted via rain. 16-year-old Simone and her younger brother Rasmus find themselves in a secure bunker in a remote forest where their father had brought them. The father, works for a dubious pharmaceutical company called Apollon.
The scene is set in the small country of Denmark, with its almost six million inhabitants, it is famous for its excellent series. Zombies are not needed here, as the survivors of the rain are troubling enough. The mystery genre seemed difficult in the past, but the genre is growing in Europe and with The Rain another successful chapter has been written. The genre originates in the US, where doomsday stories are often about a person fighting for survival on their own, but her,e we see the story unfold within a group of people.

In one of the scenes Simone puts herself in danger in order to save a child, because she would have done so before her time in the bunker. As they spend nearly 6 years in the bunker the outside world has changed; survival of the fittest becomes the main driving force. As the siblings tack along in their new found group, the different experiences over the last years come into play and dictate the groups interaction. As they strive around in need of other bunkers they walk through looted cities and empty streets. The majority of the Scandinavian population is dead. Soldiers shoot at potentially infected people. Everyone is fighting for themselves and no one is save. Their quest slowly unfolds and is being compromised every step they take. The question constantly stays with you, what would I do in this situation?

The Rain really makes the combination of dystopia and coming of age work. Flashbacks within the story telling of who Simone, Rasmus and their new friends explain their behavior and shape the content. Now they have to find out who they want to be in this new world. It’s story about growing up in a new world,  where your have to give yourself the direction you want to go in.

Rating: 7/10


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