Scandalous ideas for ultimate sex



Sex is a very important part of our life and what is the point when it is not hot as hell and happening as a dream? Today, we list down a number of scandalous ideas you just can’t ignore to try next time you are in bed with him.

  • GO COMMANDO (Wear no Underpants)

Scandalous ideas for ultimate sex

Just as Samantha in Sex and the City asked the shopkeeper to give an outfit that makes him cum in his pants, this will do the trick for you but the only difference is that here you do not have to wear anything. Say goodbye to your panties for an evening and get nasty. Tease him with the news but don’t forget to go into a ‘not reachable mode’ for some tie to spice up for a killer hot evening.


Scandalous ideas for ultimate sex

Calm your censors down for a night and get slightly drunk. Choose a drink of your choice, dim the lights and get started with a little cleavage show. Move in to get some real hard action and do not forget to make some noise. (Winks)!


Scandalous ideas for ultimate sex

Turn on your horniest side and make use of the mirror. Having sex in front of the mirror is crazy as it not only makes you feel like a pornstar giving a wild performance, also, gives you your kinky moments in abundance. Suggestively go in for the doggie-style to pump up the heat!



Scandalous ideas for ultimate sex

Become the ruler of the room and tie him up with a handcuff or a rope. Make him your little slave for the day and let the adrenaline rush reach its zenith. Feed him with a strip tease or a seductive dance because when his hands get untied, you will undeniably be getting a hardcore sex session.



Scandalous ideas for ultimate sex

It will be unique if you both utilize every room of the house with a different sex position in each room. It is time to finally utilize the couch that has been complaining to you for ages for some hot action sequence.



Scandalous ideas for ultimate sex

There is nothing as thrilling as outdoor sex. It is not only adventurous but also sets your heat beat faster as there is a tint of fear to be seen. Go on a trip, get cozy in the mountains or the beaches and rope in some sexy little rounds.



Scandalous ideas for ultimate sex

There is nothing as erotic as spanking. Get him frizzy inside his pants by putting on sexy thongs and V-string panties. Play some romantic music and bend your hustle down to taste his device and then get ready to be spanked. This will not only arouse him quickly but will also get a show on how he drools over you.



Scandalous ideas for ultimate sex

A sex toy has become super trendy and is a genius way to spice up things between you and your partner. Use vibrators and dildos to range out a completely new horizon and to experience some sharp pleasures.

It is time you dim the lights, play some sexy romantic song and get your channel on by embarking on some spicy adventures with these scandalous ideas. Give your sexual hormones a treat by seizing the above mentioned wisdom!

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