6 Ways to Seduce a Woman with your Eyes

seduce woman eyes

Eye contact is a powerful medium of communication.

And the first step in seduction. And probably the most important and decisive step. If well done, charming, magnetic, slightly flirty, with a note of mystery, deep eye contact can do half the job in attracting a woman. More than, it will tell you if she also feels attracted to you. How do you seduce a woman with powerful eye contact? How do you know from her eyes if she is interested? How to understand her body language? Discover the best ways for seducing a woman with your eyes!

How to use eye contact to attract a woman?

In the world of seduction, eyes play a very crucial role. You rest your eyes where your interest lies. There is so much we can say just with our eyes without lifting a finger. Amazing, isn’t it? Let your eyes do the talking, you have heard this before too many times. A magnetic connection instantly happens when you lay your eyes on anything for that matter. If you have got the following tips correct, the woman will be attracted to you sexually or otherwise. Women are intuitive. They notice any man who is trying to make eye contact.

Eye contact has the power of either making someone either feel instantly comfortable or extremely uneasy. Ever felt being watched by someone without even directly looking into their eyes or acknowledging their presence? That’s the power of someone’s gaze. The good news is, attracting the woman you desire with your eyes is extremely easy. However, be careful not to overdo it. You want to let her know you are attracted to her without doing it too much and making things too obvious. You are smitten but hold on to the extra efforts, please?

The way you look at a woman is reflective of your sense of confidence. It’s an immediate test of how you feel about yourself. Your attention automatically gets diverted to what you passionately desire. If you watch a woman for more than a few seconds, it is understood that something about her caught your attention. But just a no blink, dead and grave eye contact is creepy and obviously, no woman will entertain that.

Rule 101: You don’t wanna get caught noticing someone too much. Just a few seconds the right way should be enough. It’s just awkward knowing that anyone looking at us might have the wrong intentions. And not everyone enjoys that sort of attention. Make sure you are quick and subtle in your observations.

Your body language needs to be open and welcoming to make her feel you do wish to speak with her. This needs to be coupled with a smile to showcase your lively personality. After all, it is a question of vibes at the end of the day. And though the eyes are the window to your soul, the other body gestures should transmit some positivity for any woman to feel good about your aura. This is where the point of attraction is possible.

When you have laid your eyes on her for quite sometime now, ignore her. She will miss it and make the attempt to have your gaze on her again. She will try hard and you want exactly that.

When you talk to a woman, look her in the eye. If you look here and there quite often, you project lack of self-confidence or probably your interest in anything walking and talking. Undivided attention is extremely attractive to any woman. If your eyes wander, you will be easily mistaken for a womanizer. Most men fail to understand this. That’s a No No! If you look down and speak, you have a sense of guilt that you wish to conceal. So, make her feel you are interested in her by leaning forward and resting your eyes on her with some grace. In short, when you are wholly there, putting yourself before a woman, off guarded; your eyes will tell.

Is the eye contact a sign of attraction from a woman?

Definitely is! Why would someone make it obvious that they noticed you if you weren’t worthy of it? Ever had an experience where a woman looked at you with a powerful gaze for a few seconds and then lowered her eyelids? She was actually interested in you. There is a sense of shyness that a woman who likes you exhibits. She expects a man to interpret that and take charge. Yes, most women are looking specifically for alpha males who know the way to taking a step forward.

What does prolonged eye contact from a woman mean?

eye contact woman

There are plenty of ways in which women use their eyes to communicate the right emotion. Here are the eight most prominent ways in which women make eye contact.

  1. When a woman is really interested in a man, you can easily tell. She will mix her expressions and it will all be visible on her face she is really hooked to what you are saying.
  2. The nervousness will translate into the body language.  She will fidget with her fingers and play with her hair too.
  3. Women tend to smile too much when they are into a man and their eyes sparkle.
  4. Some might even keep staring at you from right across a room until you notice.
  5. Periodically, there will be long stares and then none at all (if she wants to keep the mystery alive).
  6. It isn’t just the interest in you that will make a woman make prolonged eye contact. If there is blank eye contact, she is just displaying her “resting bitch face”. Basically, she just wants you to mind your own business. There is absolutely no care for what you say or do. Even when a woman is angry and she has known you for quite some time now, she might express her irritation by looking you in the eye with no expression at all (If she is hurt, it might turn watery too!).
  7. When she wants to say a yes to what you have asked for, she will sheepishly look at you and expect you to make the move.
  8. If the woman is feeling naughty, she might just wink at you.

The woman you have your eyes on may be jaw-dropping to look at and you cannot help but drool over her, however, control the intensity of your interest in her until she hints at it. Trying too hard to get her attention will never pique her interest in you. Even if you plan the right seduction trail through your eye contacts, let her pick the clues and hunt you as well. That’s how the right kind of chemistry brews!



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