Sex positions that guarantee multiple orgasms!

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There comes a time in the relationship, when you start questioning every little flaw, every little mistake. And if the sex is bad and a woman is still faking orgasms, it kind of leaves you with very little to hold on to. Love accompanied with good sex is an absolute must for every relationship to remain healthy. Some might disagree, but sometimes multiple orgasms are what still keep you hungry for your man. Here are five different sex positions that not only guarantee orgasm(s) but also spice up your sex-life.



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sex positions, sex positions and orgasms, multiple sex positions for orgasms,Make him lie down on his back, mount yourself on top of him with each leg on either side of his torso. Rather than bobbing up and down, you can focus more on moving your groin back and forth, rubbing your clitoris on his pubic and belly region.

You can also grind your pelvis in circles while Kneeling. It helps you spread your legs wider. Keep your hand rested on his chest, make him sit in a semi-slanted position where his back is rested against the frame of the bed.

Being on top gives the woman complete control regarding the speed, pace, depth and motions. Men also last longer as this position is effortless for them, and they just can sit and enjoy, nibbling at your nipples, kissing your neck and lips, cupping your breasts and squeezing your body.

“Even women who don’t necessarily want to be in control in bed might enjoy if their partner grips her arms or hips and helps steer their movements.”




sex positions, sex positions and orgasms, multiple sex positions for orgasms,Not only does your man get a breathtaking view of your back, it offers full penetration, and your clitoris can be stimulated by grinding your pelvis back and forth against his testicles and legs.

This position gives you a lot of angles to work with. You can pull his knee up, where his back is still lying straight on the bed, and grind against his thighs. Not only will your man be able to thrust his pelvic to stimulate all kinds of spots inside of you, but you can also caress your clitoris and rub it against his inner thighs and testicles for multiple orgasms.

A woman pleasuring herself is an insane turn-on for men, so never forget to help yourself when needed.




Get down on your knees and hands with your stomach facing the bed, literally like a dog or animal on four-limbs. sex positions, sex positions and orgasms, multiple sex positions for orgasms,Have your partner kneel behind you and wrap his hands around your waist or hips for a firm grip. Let him enter you and thrust you to multiple orgasms. He can also rub your clit in this position.

You can also keep a pillow under your belly, for support and to keep the position intact while he pounds you. You can either stay still in the process or thrust your hips back against his pubic bone if you want it harder.

Deep stimulation, full penetration, while you have full access to your clitoris to stimulate by using your hand or a toy. Women who can orgasm with penetration alone will benefit more as it directly hits the G-spot. He can cup your breasts, play with your nipples while pleasuring your back with his tongue all the while.




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If having both of you are getting tired of doing it on the bed, “This is one of the oldest, fastest ways to have a quickie,” says Brame. To take this position, rest your shoulders and back against the wall. When your back is supported against the wall, wrap both your legs around the waist of your man and push your pelvis forward. He will hold you up all the while and keep thrusting.

A really tall guy and a really short/heavy girl will have a problem with this position. Therefore, you can also sit on an elevated stool or table or shelf, rest your back against the wall behind it for height and support. This requires a little less effort to be made by the man. It helps him concentrate all his energy on hitting your G-spot and his hands are free to play with your breasts.




Image source: sex positions, sex positions and orgasms, multiple sex positions for orgasms,

Stand in front of your man and bend down in a right angle making an L-shape. Make him stand behind you and enter your vagina from the back. He will hold your waist and thrust you with greater strength and even last longer as he is concentrating all his energy on pushing his pelvic up against you. He might have to bend his legs a little, according to the height of the girl. He can use one of his hands to stroke your clitoris, while you caress your own breasts as his hands will not have access to them.

Brame advises that this is best performed when a woman has some kind of support in front of her, like a table, sink, or piece of furniture to hang on to. So that while her man is pounding her from the back, she does not fall or shiver or have to cling onto the wall for support

This position feels as deep as or even deeper than Doggy Style sometimes, according to the different angles your man thrusts you from. But I think we are all bored of our beds by now. It’s fun, he can pull you by the hair, kiss you from time to time, and even spank you playfully if that’s your thing!


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