Signs she’s toying with you!

10 Signs she is not into you

Number 10: Will not introduce you to her friends
For example she meets up on a regular basis with her friends in town, but she never invites you to tack along for a night out. Rather she asks you to come by afterwards and makes lame excuses why it is not fitting for you to join the party.

Number 9: Constantly makes fun of you
Maybe you are a bit clumsy every now and than. If she likes you, she will take it with humor and tell you its cute. But if she runs away or tries to deny your relationship in front of others, you should begin to wonder.

Number 8: Talks to other men
She barely talks to you at parties, while enjoying the company of other men. If the party is coming to an end and you want to leave with her, but she wouldn’t mind staying behind to keep chatting to some random bloke. Stay true and leave.

Number 7: Always brings a friend along
It is the opposite of sign Number 10. You want to have a nice evening with your girl at the movies, but she invites her friends to tack along. All of a sudden the night is not about the relationship but about everything else.

Number 6: Ignores your invitations
You plan a little exclusive trip for a night away, but she rejects the offer with some lame excuse.

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Number 5: She only talks about other men
If she constantly talks about other men and how perfect and charming they are, you should start to take a step back and analyze the entire relationship with her.
Don’t be shy to be truthful to yourself!

Number 4: She won’t call back
The three days rule to call back is well known and everybody has tried it.
But any day longer should make you wonder…
Don’t chase a ghost!

Number 3: She tries to hock you up with her best friend
If she’s really into you, she wouldn’t want to share you with anybody in the world.
Get Out!

Number 2: She keeps her distance
Imagine you had a wonderful evening: you cooked together, watched a romantic movie and snuggled up in bed. But before it gets to serious she asks you to leave, because she has to get up for work early. If this happens a lot of times, you should address the issue.

Number 1: There is no affection!!!
If you can’t turn her on or if she never starts the kissing action, you should reconsider.
A one way street is never a good starting ground!


Be truthful to yourself und listen to your instincts!



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