Single or not single? – Pros and Cons



Let’s share it in two parts – from an Indian male’s perspective and from an Indian female’s perspective.


Male Perspective:


Single or not single? - Pros and Cons

  1. Saturday nights, all yours. Yes, you are not obliged to be a mute part of any girl’s night outs or a drowsy audience of some latest Bollywood romcom. So you can proudly wear that “independence” tag on your sleeve while going out for a rave party or a trekking trip to Garhwal.
  1. No strict-on-budget February. Every year, when your friends and colleagues bang their heads on doors and walls to find affordable but ‘exotic’ gifts for the 14th February, you pat your back. After all, who wants to get a paycheck just to see it going for some mere cards, roses, and dinners?
  1. You can afford to be late from office or gym. No one is expecting a call from you that too can occupy your next three hours. Moreover, life happens between those chat sessions over a cup of tea from those roadside tea stalls. Therefore, you feel sorry for your no-more-single friends. They don’t know what they are missing.


  1. Trust me, you will not have enough friends or groups to keep your every Saturdays and Sundays full of such activities. When you will be left with no other choice than watching your ‘favourite’ IPL matches, you will curse your singlehood.
  1. Your heartaches every February 14, when you suddenly notice the city is painted red and it seems like only you are the only single soul left in the whole country. Can you deny that hidden stubborn desire to hold a beautiful hand and be a part of this festivity?
  1. It must feel nice to have someone waiting for you at the doorstep. Someone calling you just to know whether the day went good at office, are you exhausted, did you have your meals properly in time or not. Singlehood does not come with these perks.

Female Perspective:


Single or not single? - Pros and Cons

  1. Being happily single is like making it to Everest’s base camp. Only those who have tried and succeeded know what it exactly feels like. Moreover, you do not have that third guardian in your life.
  1. Your entity is secured. You love your surname and you are just too happy to use it without the need of being rebel.
  1. You love being a solo-traveller. You are a proud sitarist or a psychology intern. Whatever you are, you are free to pursue your dreams without being expected to make any sacrifice with your life choices and career plans.



  1. You wonder why on earth the people around you cannot sleep peacefully until you are getting married. Whether it’s a marriage ceremony or a chance upon meeting with your neighbour at mall, the only common question you have to answer is “when are you planning to get married?”
  1. You hate that moment when your parents make a grave face before breaking the silence, “Are you not interested in men?”
  1. It’s hard when your friends happily get married and upload their wedding albums. You hate it more when you have to say “no” to an aquamarine or amusement park invitation card, as it is for “couples only.”


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