How to stop thinking about a girl you like?

Getting over a girl you like or have been obsessed with can be one of the most difficult tasks in life. You just can’t stop thinking of her, incapable of doing anything or concentrate. No energy, no motivation. It feels like your life has completely ended. But there is a solution to every problem and we have something for you. But before reading this article, you have to promise you are going to try each technique we advise at least once. Then, there is a chance you will stop thinking about that girl and start forgetting her.


What if the girl you like rejected you or broke your heart? How to deal with that?

Getting over a girl who broke your heart, who rejected you, who hurt you or broke up with you, is very hard but not impossible. It may take time but be sure that time heals all wounds. If you actively work hard to bring yourself back, you can make it heal faster. I will give you a few tips that will definitely help you to forget the girl you like, love and are obsessed with, the one who broke your heart and here is the first one:

The first step is to realize it’s over and you can no longer have that girl in your life. At any cost, you have to understand or convince yourself that the girl you once liked or loved is not in your life anymore. And that you can get along by yourself. It’s time to stop thinking about her. Once you have realised this and figured out the problem, you are pretty much sorted as you can work on the reasons as to why you cannot stop thinking about her.

Keep yourself busy will help you think less of her

Never sit idle. Always keep yourself busy with work. As it is rightly said, an empty mind is a home to a devil, so, engage yourself in thoughtful processes. Make a schedule for each day and work according to that. Once you keep on working for the entire day, you will eventually get tired and will have a
peaceful sleep. Also, your busy schedule would not give you time to think about the girl as you would be already preoccupied with your own thoughts, making you spend your day in a
peaceful way.

Another way of keeping yourself busy is finding a new interest. Indulge yourself in some other process such as art, painting, blogging, etc. Try playing more games, be it indoor or outdoor. Games are certainly your best friend when you have nothing to do. Doing anything out of your routine will
definitely help you to divert your mind.

Focus more on yourself

Obsessing over a girl or getting heart broken leads to the chances that you stop focussing on yourself or your health. So, try to exercise daily at home or at the gym. Try yoga or meditation for peace and concentration. Improve your eating and sleeping habits. Take balanced meals in a day. Sleep early as
well and wake up early to begin your planned schedule properly. This will lead to a balanced body and mind.


Spend time with your friends and family

Try working on your relations with others if you have messed up any at any point. This will lead to a bit of a satisfaction, and also, you will feel less lonely. Start spending more time with your friends or family or the people you love. Try hanging out more with the people you love in your free time. It is very important to spend time with your friends and family. That girl isn’t the only person left in this world, so no point of thinking about her all day long. Go out with your friends for a party or try traveling to new places with them. Your true friends are the ones who can make you feel loved and needed. If by any chance, you are too upset to step out of your house, ask your friends to come over, but never sit alone. You will definitely feel better by just being around them.

You can always seek advice from a trustworthy friend. Discuss your problem with him. Time as well as discussion heals and helps a lot. Spend more time with a friend who might listen to your problem, as he would understand you and would not state you wrong or make fun of your problems.

Stop comparing every girl to Her

One of the major things you have to work on is that: you have to stop comparing each girl to her, even if she was too good for you. No matter what, you will always get a better option in your future. May she be perfect, but she is definitely not the right option for YOU, and you have to understand that. If you keep on comparing, you will never be able to move on in life.

Get rid off everything that reminds you of her

Avoid visiting the places like restaurants or coffee shops you both used to go together or she used to visit frequently. This will only remind you of her. If you used to walk through a same route, try avoiding the same route for a couple of days till your situation gets normal. Delete her number and her memories such as videos or audios or pictures from your cell phone forever. Delete all the chats. By any chance, do not call or message her. This would lead to the beginning of a conversation again and eventually you will be the one who will get hurt again.

Do not stalk her

Avoid to use social media like Facebook. Opening your social media account would make you feel like checking out her profile once and that is surely not good.

Focus on some other girl

Even if you are not ready to move on, try focussing on some other girl. Start Dating Again. I do not advise you to do it all in a hurry, just take it slow. Spend more time with the new girl, try to know her more and get comfortable with her. Plan frequent outings with her. But do not talk about the previous girl with your new date because this is something that she would not like at all.

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Avoid Alcohol

During all these days of pain and pressure, one thing that you got to do is avoid alcohol completely.

Alcohol is not at all the solution to your problems. It may temporarily make you feel better but will surely bring out your emotions to the surface and may lead to embarrassing moments in public or in front of your friends or family. Even if you want to drink, make sure you do it in a limit and do not get out of control.

A last tip that could help you forget her

The last but definitely not the least suggestion might sound strange and heartless but, sometimes, may be the best way to forget someone. It consists in finding the bad in them. This is something to be tried when you got no option left with yourself. If you want to forget someone, find the negativity in them. Bring out their bad qualities in front of yourself. Increase that negative feeling in you so much about that person, that, eventually you start disliking them. But make sure one should never opt this method unless it is seriously required and be certain about the fact that this disliking should never turn you into a negative person.

These were a number of tips that will definitely help you to stop thinking about the girl you like and will help you to become a cheerful person again.

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