The Female Orgasm!

It should be known that it is harder for women to reach their climax during sex than it is for men. Now, the results of research can help us men to be more sensitive to our partners needs. There are three simple rules to follow, when you want to give a woman an orgasm!

For women, sex is not always easy: heterosexual women only reach their climax in 65 percent of the time. Thus, they showcase the worst orgasm sex ratio in all of the demographic groups. The Kinsey Institute at the University of Indiana has produced a study, with 52,000 female participants, between the ages of 18 and 64, where they collected data on what stimulations women need in order to have an orgasm. As a result of the data evaluation the Institute has put forward a three step approach which guarantees almost a 100 percent success.

Let us look at the three key elements to pleasuring a women:

1. Passionate Kissing – don’t rush it and don’t build up pressure
2. Stimulation by hand – be gentile and understanding of what she likes

3. Oral Sex – find her spot and vary in intensity


Amazing, how simple it can be!

The study has also shown, that more than 30 percent of men believe that the stimulation achieved by inserting the penis into the vagina is enough to give your partner an orgasm. This figure is astonishing, when looking at the three key elements above and how little some men do to experience the female body.

The more affection and intimacy you show, the bigger the reward will be!

If you haven’t done it yet, go out there and discover!


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