Tips for the first night with your partner!

5 Ways to satisfy any woman

You might have been finally planning to get involved in the bed with someone you have known for long time and you intend to take your relationship to the next level. If this is not a typical one night stand, you should consider giving the following ideas some thought:

Be calm!

Surely, you don’t need to show her, that you are a porn star in the making. Avoid going overboard with your enthusiasm to prove your dominance in the bed. You might have the knowledge of the all sex positions that you could get hold of in the Kamasutra.

Trust me, no matter how much she tells you she doesn’t care about your past relationships, she does!

That’s human nature. Your previous sexual engagements will bother anyone you share sparks with. You just do not need to explain your experience. Remember, honesty doesn’t do you good all the time!

Guys love to lead at the beginning!

7 tips for first night with your partner

Women should receive more than they give on the first night.

There is science behind this too. They should appear shyer and give a boost to the man’s ego, prove how much he turns her on. A woman is compared to a flower who should open up slowly and gracefully in order to make a man feel good about his ability to invoke her sexuality.

7 tips for first night with your partner

Appear engaging. Moan a little but do not scream.

All of us are imperfect.

The first time, things will be a little awkward. You haven’t seen her naked before, if you find things a bit out of the place, refrain from laughing out loud. You will only make her feel uncomfortable about her body. Tackle the situation confidently in order to make things tolerable.

Be affectionate. Care about her needs, but do not martyr yourself.

The entire purpose is to feel good.



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