Top 10 Sex Cravings that men have!

It is always hard to know what exactly goes on your partner’s mind when it comes to sex. We as partners are always curious in knowing what they like on bed and what do they fantasize about. It is a matter of fact that we all have some sexual fantasies. But do we actually open up about our fantasies fully? I don’t think so. We all have our own little diary of naughty and raunchy fantasies that we shy away from admitting. Having certain cravings when it comes to sex is something we all go through but if you are a girl and if you are trying to know what does your partner crave for. Well! This article is going to be of much use for you as it discloses top eleven sex cravings that most guys do have.


  1. He likes it when you give in to the relationship

Those days are long gone when it was considered that men should be the ones to take initiatives when it comes to relationships. Well! When women are taking charge in all areas of life, then why not on bed? Guys love it when you take charge of your orgasms. They like when you begin taking control over the intimacy as they really look forward to see the sexy show you would put up on bed. So show him your moves and let him live his fantasy and allow yourself to be the star on bed tonight.


  1. He likes it when you direct him.

You may think that directing your guy on bed will be something that he wouldn’t appreciate as that will be like you are picking on his manliness. But that is not true. Guys like to be under your guidance and in fact they are stress free when you do that. Guys constantly look forward to better their game on bed as they don’t want to leave you dissatisfied and what better than you yourself leading and instructing them. Indulge in some sexting before you guys plan to make love and give him hints of what you are expecting out of him this time. If he did something that you really liked then definitely drop him a text, something like, ‘I liked what you did with your hands today’. This will help you guys to bring positive reinforcement and your sex life will undoubtedly be more pleasurable and fun.


  1. He loves all the visuals.

Ever wondered why men love to keep the lights on? It is because they love the visuals. They like to see when they are in action. So here is a cue for you to give him a twist by inviting him to have sex in front of the mirror. He will like the boldness in you and you surely will be giving him an eyeful of hot and steamy view. Guys like it when you are confident despite of your scars, your love handles or those stretch marks. Everything will fall fade when you have confidence. It is a fact, no matter how much your insecurities deny that. So next time decorate your mirror with some fancy light and get into some action in front of it.


  1. He wants you to feel confident about your likings and wants


As said above, nothing beats confidence. When you are confident about what you are seeking in bed, the story you are about to make on that bed tonight will be top notch and extraordinary. Wondering how? Well! You need to ditch the shyness inside you and openly talk about your wants. This is how you both will connect and your guy will be seeking more and more of you. Usually women are afraid to get naughty and they feel that their boyfriend will judge them if they open up. But unlike what you are thinking, they will rather acknowledge the fact that you are not holding any barriers and have generated trust in him to have shared such personal likings. So go for it girl. Confidence is the key.


  1. He adores the spontaneous ideas

Want to see your boyfriend’s face lit all of a sudden? All you got to do is strike a sexual talk when he least expects it. For example, when you are out shopping, out of the blue just mentioning that you wish to try a new position or you want to purchase a sex toy will take him by surprise. Or just telling him that you really like a particular condom and you want him to put that on next time. In no time, you will see a smile on his face. Guys really like it when you take interest in sex related things. Your boyfriend will appreciate your involvement of this kind,


  1. He wants to mix things up.

Repetition of anything is boring as gradually the excitement gets less and less and they you are like ‘meh’. Guys like trying new things, a mix and match of things is well appreciated. Invite him for lunch, feed him some good food and put on a movie. In the middle of nowhere, start teasing him or give him a sexy lap dance. Such kind of unpredictability is smoking hot and well, for all good reasons he will like the movie you showed to him far better than what you had put on the television.


  1. He wants to get intense.


For this you need to draw some inspiration from the animal kingdom. You will be able to derive much information on how to get a little rough but extremely hot and sensuous at the same time. Guys like it when things are intense and especially when it comes out from you who is usually subtle and not the ruler on the bed.


  1. Sometimes, he just wants you to do everything

What happens normally is that guys are expected to do more and there is false information out in the air that guys are bound to have a larger role in the domain. If you want you can actually give him a gala time and let him relax and have the time of his life. Handcuff him and blindfold him with your bra, do a strip tease for him and give him the best blowjob of his life. He shouldn’t be using a single ounce of him in this act. He might just declare this as the best day of his life. (wink)


  1. He wants you to dominate him.

A little slavery is not something that he would mind. Well! In my opinion, it is going to be absolutely contrary and he would love it. Let him live a trailer of fifty shades of grey and take him under your control. His every move should be under your instructions. Let him get a taste of nastiness and in no time will you see him melt in lust for you.


10. He wants to do get kinky.

Sex should be something that sets you both free from the workplace tensions and stress and hence, it is important that you experiment. Doing the same technique and being in the same position day after day is not going to ease out or relieve stress. Guys who are looking for a relief from their day to day stress like to try new things that is out of the box.


So these are top ten sex cravings that all guys have. Next time you guys plan a love making session, make sure that you care about the above mentioned and take him by surprise. Mark it that he is going to be really happy to see you taking care of his fantasies.


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