The Ultimate Guide For Texting a Woman And Not Freak Her Out!

The Ultimate Guide For Texting Woman And Not Freak Her Out!

Dating in this century normally progresses through texting. A girl can know you inside and out just by your texting. A single tiny mistake can ruin your chance at next date. You can make her run away from you just by single text. If you are really interested in her then you have to be really careful when it comes to texting. You don’t have to be overly curt but you can’t be over-friendly either. You can creep her out just by your text and you don’t need that, right?

First things first you have to know whether she is interested in you or not, whether she trusts you or not because if she doesn’t that means even your normal texts are going to annoy her. She’ll feel quite uncomfortable with you if you do not earn her trust. You might just be trying to get to know her but she’ll think of you as some creep who is too clingy.

Don’t make her run for hills and follow these do’s and don’ts of texting woman. Show her that you are a nice guy and she’ll start feeling comfortable around you and once she does you’ll have your chance at dating and impressing her.

Do Not Text Her Until And Unless She Gives Her Number

You’ll lose her trust before even getting it if you text her without getting her number from her. It is not tough to get the contact details of anyone these days. So you got her contact detail from some college register or even a friend but that doesn’t mean you can text her and expect her to reply you. You are already creeping her out by snooping her number from here and there. There are so many social media sites where you can contact without the need of contact number. If you really want her number then ask her directly or contact her through any media and ask yourself.

If Your Texts Are Unanswered, Stop Texting!

The Ultimate Guide For Texting Woman And Not Freak Her Out!

When someone doesn’t answer your call or text then it can mean two things- either the person is busy and can’t answer your call or he/ she really doesn’t want to answer you. Why do you even want to text someone who isn’t really answering your text? Stop trying to blow her phone off no matter how restless it makes you feel, wait for her to reply. Even after a day or two if she doesn’t reply then don’t bother. You won’t have any chance with someone who doesn’t even think you are worth a reply.

Use Your Sense Of Humor

Women like men who have a good sense of humor. Every woman wants to feel free and wants to feel happy whenever she is on a date and a date will happen only when you can impress her. Make her feel good, make her laugh and that will make her more comfortable with you. When conversations are light and easy anyone can feel at ease and it will help in building trust with her.

Avoid Coming Off Too Strong

You might not even know and a text which seemed quite interactive to you might have weirded her out. You have to avoid sending messages too big or too strong. You might think that sending her a long message full of feeling might impress her but in reality, she’ll feel you are desperate because she doesn’t really know you and a big message will freak her out. Keep your texts short so that your message gets across and you actually get a reply.

Once In A While Let Her Text You First

Don’t be the one who always texts first. Sometimes let her remember you and text you. If you are always sending messages and getting monosyllabic replies then that means she is not really interested in you. Another thing is if you keep on texting her always you’ll come off as needy. In the beginning, when she has just given you her number it is okay to initiate conversations but don’t let it continue for all along.

Don’t Give Out Too Many Compliments

The Ultimate Guide For Texting Woman And Not Freak Her Out!

Women love compliments, in fact, everyone love compliments. But compliments are welcome only when they are true and are not just meant for flattering someone. Women will immediately come to know when you are faking it. If you are under the impression that if you compliment her she’ll start to like you then you are very much wrong.

Dish out compliments when it is actually worth complimenting. Compliment her sense of humor when she has actually made some funny joke. Don’t go on complimenting how beautiful she is and how sexy she is when you don’t even know her that well. Complimenting her about her beauty once is okay but complimenting her about it all the time will give her the creepy vibes.

Being Sensitive Helps

If you really want her to feel comfortable with you then you have to give her something she can relate with. Share a few things about your life and show her your sensitive side. But don’t go on gloating about all the manly and macho things you have done in the past and don’t lie. Just be yourself. When you try too hard to impress someone they’ll come to know and will not be impressed at all. Also, don’t go on revealing your life history to her just when you started texting because that’s not at all normal.

Asking Her To Hang Out With You Too Soon Will Ruin Things

The Ultimate Guide For Texting Woman And Not Freak Her Out!

There are few guys who think girls will jump at a chance of meeting them even though they have just started getting to know each other. Guys do not understand the fact that for them it is easy to just hang out with someone but for girls, it is serious stuff and they do that only when they know the person really well. That’s why asking her to hang out just when you started texting is a big no. She’ll think you are desperate and insensitive.

Refrain From Doing Sex Jokes Or Sexual Innuendos

Don’t expect a girl not to be creeped out by you when you make sex jokes. How will you feel if someone whom you have just met cracks a sex joke? Not so good, right? By doing this you might make it seem like you want to have sex with her even though that was not what you were trying to hint at. You need to refrain from making sexual jokes. If you really want to make her laugh then makes some other jokes but strictly avoid sexual innuendos, at least until you know her well.

Please Don’t Send Nude Pictures

This is a strict no. Don’t make her run for hills. There is absolutely no reason for you to send nude pictures. Until and unless you both are in a relationship and she asks for one or both of you are into sexting only then it is okay to send nude pictures. Try and keep it in your pants.

Don’t Try To Monopolize Their Time

This often happens with everyone. Once you start getting close to someone, you suddenly crave their attention and time. You want them to give all their time to you and not anyone else. You should let them have their time with their friends and family. They are their own person and you can’t expect them to monopolize their time for you. And you will also come off as a really desperate and needy person. Anyways think of it this way that the distance will make your relationship even better. Their absence will make you realize his/her importance at the same time spending too much time with each other will only tire you of each others company.

The key is to leave someone wanting your company. Be good at conversations but don’t be needy and clingy. Build a good relationship with her through texting but don’t rush it. Be honest, patient and more importantly be yourself.


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