We don’t want a training stagnation!

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Bench press, squats, chin-ups – are easy exercises and most of you are already used to these repetitions. They are nice for a relaxed life but bad for your athletic progress. If you want to improve your fitness you must check the contents of the units over and over again and set new training stimuli with alternating exercises. Otherwise the success stagnates! Who sets for years on specific practice classics, does not do much wrong, but not everything right. Unfortunately, for groundbreaking results, you also have to move out of your comfort zone – otherwise, almost every man would be equipped with a perfectly-dressed body. To stand out from the crowd with powerful muscles, a good condition and total freedom from injury, note the following:

Why should I vary my exercise choice?
Because every workout needs a sense. Otherwise you will certainly not continue with your progress. New exercises bring new training stimuli and these in turn progress. The better your workout, the more motivated you are to stay with the barbell. The movements help you to get better in other areas. For example, they increase the load on bench presses or make squats cleaner. It also protects you from injury and helps you lose weight. Variety is everything to compensate for muscular imbalances. Especially advanced athletes have these problems.

How often do I have to adjust my training?
That depends on your fitness level. The more advanced you are, the harder it will be to celebrate your next achievements. As a rule, as soon as you realize that it will not continue, it’s time for a fresh workout wind. Mostly a change (over-) is due after 3 months.

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