Why you should use a condom?

Condoms serve two purposes, first they prevent you from getting and transmitting STDs and second they prevent a pregnancy. Further condoms are affordable and easy to get.

Help against STDS!

Besides being a method of birth control, they help to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease, such as HIV. Even if your sexual partner ist already using the pill as a birth control it is wise to use a condom as well. Before skipping the condom you should both get a checkup at your doctors.

Easy to get!

Condoms don’t cost much and are easy to get. You do need a prescription from your local doctor and the usage is extremely simple. If you are not certain than check the guide on the packaging.

Or check out our article on potential condom mishaps: https://mennow.in/contraception-mishaps-condoms/

Help other birth controls!

No method of birth control is a 100%. But if you add another contraception tool to your sexual routine it will improve your efforts. The following methods can be used in addition to the condom: the pill, the shot, the ring, UID or an implant. Not only will the condom helps against a potential pregnancy but also against STDs.

Don’t over do it and use two condoms at once. That will make it rather unsafe, as the risk of ripping the condoms will increases.

Rare side effects!

Condoms rarely show side effects. If it happens occasionally, it is commonly in form of an irritation. This happens mostly to people who have an allergy or are sensitive to latex. If this happens go to your local doctor and inform yourself about latex free condoms.


Yes, condoms can be sexy! The feeling of security while having sex, because you know that you are safe makes you calmer. You can enjoy the moment more as you don’t have to worry about STDs or pregnancy.

Be smart!




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