What a Woman wants from a Man in a Relationship?

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Women are sometimes hard to understand, right? You don’t really get why they react in a certain way. Or you have the feeling they want something but the next day, they seem to want the opposite… The key is to really understand that women are simply different from men. They do not think and feel like men. So what is a woman looking for in a man? What are her expectations in a relationship? How to keep a woman happy, interested and in love? I’ll give you some advice to understand women better and be more successful in your relationships.

Qualities every woman wants in a man

So, what does a woman look for in man? The question, “what every woman needs in a man?” can have multiple answers depending on the state of mind and the gamut of choices that a woman has at her disposal. To each their own. But here are some basics that will fit anyone’s bill.

Try being in better control of yourself

It is but human to get frustrated and throw fits of anger at people. It is always a great trait to be patient and composed when the idea is to impress a woman. Understand things by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and then analyse what your actions should be.

Have a good sense of humour

Women like men with a good sense of humour. Being comfortably herself while enjoying moments without a sense of insecurity is what every woman looks for in a relationship. Make her laugh. Her happiness will keep the spark alive.

Sense of responsibility

Be cognizant of your duties. Every woman digs a man who can conduct himself well. An “alpha” male is what a female will look for in the natural process of selection. Being confident should be coupled with a compassionate character. Kindness is one of the foundations of any relationship. You’ll take care of anyone better if you are a good human being.

Aspirational in life

A man with a sense of purpose is more attractive to a woman looking for a partner. Love isn’t the only necessary aspect of life. You’ll have to survive in a tough world and being financially stable is but more realist. So, don’t be surprised when a woman asks you about your goals and wishes to be around someone who meets her financial standards.

Romance and intimacy

Romance adds spice and chemistry to the bond that you share. Make her feel desirable. Give her a good time in bed. Try everything new to keep the sex life exciting. More so, be sensitive to her sexual needs.

What does an independent woman want in a man?

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Independent women are in much better control of their lives than those who rest all their demands and expectations in men. They are wiser in their choices in life, whether that be their career or life. Being self- reliant, they are sensitive about what they ask for and to whom. Because of a higher self of self- esteem she will be conscious of her conduct and dignity. Hence, extra caution in what you say and do needs to be followed. Here are a few qualities that are uncompromisable with an independent woman.

One who understands her need for space

Avoid being clingy. That’s never appreciated. Let her have enough room to be on her own. There are things that she would like to handle all by herself. You do not need to be at her rescue at all times.

One who supports her growth in life

She has goals and aspirations. Don’t hinder her progress in life just because you might have a fragile male ego. Even if she earns more than you, keep your insecurities at bay. The figures of her earnings should never be a concern. There is no shame in having a woman in life who may be better than you. You should take pride in it.

One who respects her choices

She is well aware of the choices to make in life. Unless asked for, prefer not giving away unsolicited advice.

One who communicates clearly

Smart men are always more attractive. So, work on your communication skills than just being a good listener. A good conversation is a two-way process. No one wants to end up with a man who can barely speak up and convey his thoughts clearly.

One who is able to keep up with her intelligence

No, she doesn’t necessarily need another Einstein. She is wise and aware of things around her. Her independence comes at the cost of plenty of sacrifices in life. She is well read and expects someone who can add value to that. Even if you cannot match up, be logical and reasonable in making your decisions around her.

One who can boldly show his love and care

Genuinely show what she means to you. She would love it when you guys can make others jealous of the bond that you share. Your undivided attention is a golden key to her heart. Make her believe how much you care and respect her. And always choose to let her know how different she is and what she brings to the table.

What does an older woman want in a man?

Older and mature women have slightly different expectations as they have seen more to life than their younger counterparts. Here are the top 5 qualities that will make an older woman fall for you.

  1. Genuine interest
  2. Maturity
  3. Higher levels of acceptance and appreciation
  4. Sexual stamina
  5. Space

How does a woman want to be loved and treated?

It is easy to fall in love and even harder to prove it. There is something about old school romance that is still so fresh. There is no replacement for a man who holds the highest regards for his lady. Someone who protects her and always has the best interests for her. Times will never always be easy. The trying days are the most difficult tests of your interest in her. Give her your time. Give her a place in your priority list. Do things with her that make her the happiest. Look after her when she isn’t in the pink of health. Stand strong when she crumbles under different stresses that life throws at her. Good or bad, be in it together. Look at all her problems as your problems too. Remind her of how beautiful she is. Show her how you see her differently. Pamper her like your princess.

How to make a relationship work and last longer?

To make a relationship work and last longer is a tedious task. Just like anything else, you will have to exhibit your passion for the woman you love. Respect and care about not just her but also those dearest to her. When you have a greater acceptance around those who matter to her, she feels confident. In the long run, this very thing can cause excessive damage if not handled with care. Women have a greater ability to remember old facts. So, make sure you don’t say hurtful things that she carries regrets and guilt for a long time. It will take years to win her trust and seconds to break it.

Avoid letting things sink in monotony. Travel with her, read with her, go out and have fun and also, keep her satisfied in bed. Physical intimacy is important though it may take the backstage as the years go by. If not every day, be mindful of the times when she craves for sex. Touch is a great healer. Make sure you maintain the contact if you don’t have sex every day.

It is not difficult or too late to learn the above-mentioned qualities that a woman wants from a man in a relationship. Work on things that you know you are lagging behind in. Surely, if she matters, you will do everything possible at your end to make everything work.


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