Yes…Cuddling is Manly!

It’s the 21st century and it’s time to accept the fact that men like to cuddle. Normally cuddling is perceived as a trait attributed to women, since they are the more tender creatures, but men also have feelings and they want to show them. Here are some reasons why men should cuddle more often: BE OPEN!

1. Men like to protect:

Cuddling, along with all the other feelings, gives us the feeling of being a protector. When we put our arms around her body, we feel as a protector. This will make the relationship more intimate, as your partner will increase her trust in your affection

2. It makes her happy:

We know very well that women love to cuddle. So let us use this knowledge and satisfy our love, by giving back to her.

3. You show affection:

The affection you give by cuddling is of a different nature than sex. It has a spiritual intimacy that can’t be reached with anyone person.


4. We can let ourselves fall:

We are expected to be strong. But while cuddling we show protection on the one side, but on the other side we lower our guard just a little bit. The thought alone can be scary for us men, but once we have achieved this stage in a relationship many good things will come in response.

5. Cuddling is pleasant:

Let’s face it, cuddling is a pleasant activity, where both partners can fall asleep peacefully. Is this not the main goal in a relationship? To appear as equals in front of each other?



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